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Star-Seed Indigos are a classification of the Indigo population that started incarnating on your planet in the early 1900’s….coming in smaller numbers at first, then progressing to the influx being observed at the present time.
Star Seed Indigos are direct descendants of the Mayans, an advanced civilization that inhabited the earth for a short time. You dear Star-Seed Indigos bring in a unique combination of compassion, service to others polarity, and warrior spirit.
While your DNA is very much human, your soul origin is extra-terrestrial, that is, your soul was birthed on another planet advanced in higher consciousness.

You come in pre-wired to be resistant to social, cultural, and political programming that is the norm on Earth and therefore find at a very young age that they simply do not fit in anywhere. This is your gift, and the journey of your soul path. You are warriors of the light for change of the old systems that are not serving the whole and are here to pioneer and birth the new changes and systems. You carry the torch of bright light for evolution into higher consciousness and lead by example. You have specific “soul contracts” to have life experiences that trigger your cellular memory of Service to Others consciousness at an accelerated rate. In exchange, you are given the opportunity to advance and transcend your lessons and that which limits you also at an accelerated rate.
Through their physical body vehicle, Star-Seed Indigos are able to anchor in the frequency of the new crystalline grid energy currently being engineered on the planet allowing for the decoding of 5th dimensional consciousness. This is so because they come in with more of their DNA already activated instead of just the double helix. There is a prominent band of the color indigo in their morphogenetic field that marks this ancient wisdom.

Star-Seed Indigos have difficulty grasping “service to self” Consciousness and as children; this is evidenced by the tendency to give their things away with a knowing that there is enough for everyone. For this reason do not understand concepts such as the dictatorship structures that exist in 3D systems such as schools, governments, and businesses…they only understand democracy which is why they resist such traditional institutions and do not put their best foot forward in school.
Star-Seed Indigos suffer in traditional school systems because to them the teaching model is backwards, based on memorizing someone else’s experience of the world instead of honoring the unique expression of individual. For this they have been classified as having the made up dysfunction of Attention Deficit Dis-Order, when really the opposite is the truth for they are “specialist” in focusing. They have remarkably brilliant minds able to process at lightning speed large quantities of information very easily. They need only permission and the freedom to get in touch with their soul path for which they have come to faithfully fulfill and it is then that you see them at their best….. living with unbridled passion, clear direction and steadfast conviction not letting anything stop them from executing their contract to serve higher consciousness.

Star-Seed Indigos are free thinkers and cannot be pigeon-hold into a category for they honor uniqueness in all. For this, they get a bad rap as being rebels. Their intuition is razor sharp…they have what you would call built in BS detectors and know immediately when someone presents falsely to them for they have a great capacity for recognizing authenticity. They are very truthful sometimes blunt, and unwavering in their loyalty, once befriended by a Star-Seed Indigo they will consistently protect and honor your truth and best interests, even to their own detriment.

Star-Seed Indigos have a great capacity to love unconditionally and can feel deeply wounded when this is not reciprocated. In their activated memories of 5th D consciousness, we are all one and no judgment exists so they see all as being equal until being shown otherwise. They have a strong connection to the spirit consciousness of earth, and are extremely sensitive to any disregard to creation. The excessive pollution and the violence towards animals and natural resources are felt very deeply and can produce feelings of hopelessness and depression as they feel this as a personal rejection.

Star Seed Indigos are more comfortable operating in even numbered groups, in this way, no one gets left out and no one is ever out numbered.
From a young age they have a tendency to star gaze…searching the skies for home and at one level of consciousness making a connection to their star families who in return connect back. This is a comforting practice for them. They express the ideals of universal wisdom and are described as intense and deep. Their eyes have unusual shine. Often they take on the role of parenting their parents and being naturally empathic, absorbing the stress and strife of their life for them. Because of their strong call to serve, as adults, they are easily swept up into someone else’s cause or vision, often ignoring their own calling.
They are extremely sensitive to injustice and tend to take on the causes and burdens of others being treated unfairly without being asked.
The greatest challenge of the Star-Seed Indigo is the overwhelming feeling of “abandonment” a sense that they were just dropped off in this place and space that makes utterly no sense to them and do not understand the rules. There is a strong connection to memory of being connected to Prime Creator and in the absence of that in 3rd density they are prone to depression, anxiety, and sometimes even dependency to using outside sources to create altered states of consciousness such as alcohol to fill that void. However, once correctly taught, they are natural mediators and take to it like a duck to water as this is a natural method they remember in connecting to Prime Creator.

For those Star-Seed Indigos born in the 60’s and 70’s, there was a greater impression of abandonment imprinted into their consciousness because of the sudden loss of the Indigo leaders of the 60’s who were in place to be there for them. Martin Luther King, Gandhi, John F Kennedy were just a few whose sudden departure left an indelible void in the growing collective consciousness of light that was beginning to take seed on the planet at that time. They were in place to support the new generation of Star-Seed Indigos in continued teachings and re-introduction of “Service to Others” concepts into the 3D world. For this reason the Star-Seed Indigos of today, feel a greater sense of urgency and responsibility to honor their own soul contracts and when disconnected from that memory it can express itself as excessive anxiousness.

On the other hand, Star-Seed Indigos come in with enormous fortitude, emotionally, physically, and mentally. Seemingly impervious to chronic physical conditions, and experience remarkable recovery quickly healing from injuries that would take the average bear out of commission.
Because of their advanced activated DNA, they have an innate link to their higher self aspect in advanced dimensions and at early ages they have what you call “psychic” experiences. From our perspective this is explained by having connection and ready use of their Emotional Information Systems which for many is set up on their life path by having a near death experience. In a near death experience the pineal gland secretes the same organic chemical that it does when the soul incarnates…allowing the soul to easily “dimension hop”. When the soul returns back into the physical body from the near death experience they bring back with them the memory of this Informational System and the skill set to utilize it.
Dear Star-Seed Indigos, when you are on path you live in full glory as master manifesters and consciousness creators in the Light leading by example with overflowing love in your heart. Embrace your all your life experiences for they have lead you to experience true independence, to live freely, and to live in accordance with your own truth , living on your own terms. It’s your time to reconnect with each other, to heal, and to bond.

You dear Star-Seed indigos are natural leaders and now it’s your time to shine!
In service to higher consciousness and your family in the light,

"The Magdalene Rose Collective Consciousness"