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I have read and heard about many ways to deal with negativity being directed at you. It was this past week that I have had to search deeply for the intention to bring about the highest outcome for all involved in the following situation.

Thursday June 18th 2009. As I read the unsettling email before me, I felt the negativity entering me. I began to tremble and my stomach started to churn. I stopped reading and recognized this was not mine to deal with, these emotions of grief, anger and guilt were from the sender. I had read about returning unwanted energies, so I stated out loud "These energies are not mine to deal with, please return them to the sender." Instantly I felt calm, and then I asked my guides if I could assist the sender, "No" came the reply. I sat and considered what other way I could help, I sent feelings of love, joy, harmony and peace, and pictured the sender in their highest light.

Many people would have reacted to this situation by returning an email, some with as much anger as directed at them. Others could even try to reason with the sender, but both of these reactions would add to the energy already formed.

The next day a further email, even more negative than the first sat before me. I went to my healing room and meditated. As I sat quietly I realized that the energies that I had returned had in fact made things worse, by adding to the already unstable energy. I now asked my guides to show me how to handle this situation correctly. My guides told me to "send the unhealed negative energies to Source and ask that they be transmuted (changed/altered) and that these now positive energies be dedicated to Mother Earth."

I sat and wrote up the following:
Dearest Creator, the Source of unconditional love. I ask that the negative unhealed energies being created and directed at me and my family by ---------, be sent to you to be transmuted. I ask that this now positive energy be dedicated to Mother Earth to assist in raising the vibrations of this beautiful planet.

So mote it be.

Next I asked for the words of intent for the sender:

Dearest ----------, I see you in your highest light, be your heart filled with love, peace, harmony, joy, tolerance and gratitude. Be this for your highest and greatest good and the highest and greatest good of all.

So mote it be.

In sharing this life lesson my intent is that it may help others to deal with similar situations. If only a little of the negativity is dealt with in this way just imagine the dedicated positive energies going to Mother Earth.


Deb Graves .... Araznu

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