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FEB 2016 UPGRADE STATUS :User profiles and New posts are now working again! Yey! Thank you so much for your patience! PLEASE Post any Issues Here.

I want to say at the outset that the source for this information comes from The Level of Those Who are called The Ascended Masters in The Spiritual Hierarchy for this planet. There is an Office or Position of responsibility in The Hierarchy which is called The World Teacher. It is also called The Office of The Christ Consciousness, and The Lofty Being Who holds that Office is always The Chohan or Lord of The 2nd Ray for this planet. The 2nd Ray or Aspect of The Creator of this universe is virtually The Energy of The Love of God for all of its creations. Master Djwhal Khul (The Tibetan) calls The 2nd Ray "Love/Wisdom". It is the teaching Ray, and The Initiate Members of The 2nd Ray Department of The Hierarchy are the great spiritual teachers who have walked amongst Humankind. They are also called The Brotherhood of The Golden Robe.

The current World Teacher for this planet is That One Who is called Lord Kuthumi, and He oversees the work, the great projects, and the teaching programs of The Brotherhood of The Golden Robe, which could be considered His Ashram. He will be becoming very prominent in the collective consciousness of Humankind in the future and wishes to be known more widely. That is one of the things that I've come to do. Please see my website:

The previous World Teacher was The One known as Lord Maitreya, The Master of The Masters, and He held the responsibility for roughly 2,600 years. In recent times, He took a Higher Initiation (The Seventh) and moved closer to The Head of The Spiritual Hierarchy, Sanat Kumara, and has taken on greater responsibilities for the evolutionary schemes of Earth and a Higher Position in The Great Council of Shamballa. His closest Disciple for a very long time was Master Kuthumi, and when Kuthumi took The Sixth Initiation, He assumed The Office of World Teacher. The World Teacher prior to Lord Maitreya was The One Who incarnated as Gautama Siddhartha and Who later came to be known as The Buddha. The Buddha taught on the Wisdom Aspect of The 2nd Ray, and Maitreya taught on the Love Aspect of The 2nd Ray.

Each World Teacher may be considered an Avatar of The Christ Consciousness when They walk amongst the peoples of The Earth to raise consciousness and spiritual awareness, and each anchors in The Collective Unconscious of Humanity a certain quality needed for the next phase of this evolutionary scheme. The Buddha anchored wisdom; Maitreya anchored unconditional love; and Kuthumi will anchor compassion. When The Master Jesus came 2,000 years ago as The Wayshower for The Piscean Age, He gave up his exquisitely prepared vehicle for the use of The Christ, Maitreya, in a great sacrificial act that had been pre-planned prior to incarnation. It was Lord Maitreya Who overshadowed the consciousness of Jesus in everything that He did from The Baptism in the River Jordan to The Crucifixion on Golgatha.

The essence of our current World Teacher, Lord Kuthumi, is the highest form of universal love and compassion. That comprises the core of His Being, and in the early portion of The New Age of Peace and Harmony when The Dimensional Shift has been completed, He will be walking amongst us as the next Avatar of The Christ Consciousness. His way will be prepared by the group incarnation of many of The High Initiates and Ascended Masters of The Hierarchy, and He is The One long awaited as The Messiah, The Boddhisattva of Compassion, The Imam Mahdi, and The Christ; because it is The World Teacher Who holds The Office of The Christ Consciousness, and it is That One Who is returning, not The Master Jesus Who is The Chohan of The 6th Ray for this planet.

It might be instructive to see a few of the more memorable lives in historical times of our World Teacher:

1. Egyptian Pharaoh Thutmose III (Menkheperre Reign: 1479-1425 BC)

2. Egyptian Pharaoh Ramesses II (Usermaatresetepenre Reign: 1279-1213 BC)

3. Pythagorus, the great Greek Initiate

4. Balthazar, one of the 3 Zoroastrian Magi

5. St. John the Beloved, the one closest to Master Jesus

6. St. Francis of Assisi (1182-1226 AD)

7. St. Martin de Porres (Lima, Peru 1579-1639 AD)

8. Shah Jahan, builder of The Taj Mahal in India

9. Kuthumi Lal Singh, Kashmiri Prince (took Ascension or The 5th Initiation)

Given out of love for Sweet Lord Kuthumi, jim

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