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THIS IS FOR THOSE WHO MIGHT HAVE THEIR DOUBTS ABOUT VISUALIZATION. I WAS FORCED TO TRY TO EXPLAIN HOW MEDITATING AND VISUALIZING FOR SOMETHING WORKS FOR A NON BELIEVER, A SKEPTIC SO TO SAY, AND PULLED OUT "APPLIED VISUALIZATION" TO CONVINCE THEM WHAT IS DONE WORKS IF DONE PROPERLY. THIS A BOOK I READ MANY TIMES YEARS AGO WHEN I STARTED TO PRACTICE MEDITATING. THIS BLOG IS FOR THOSE WHO ARE NOT 100% CONVINCED IN THE END RESULTS OF ALL THE MEDITATIONS THEY MIGHT BE PRACTICING AND WONDERING DOES IT REALLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE WHAT I AM TRYING TO DO. WELL IT DOES, IT MIGHT SEEM HARD BUT WITH PRACTICE IT EVENTUALLY WORKS. E-Motion means Energy in Motion, Thought is creative, but when backed by powerful emotion, a terrific energy and sets the wheels of the life force turning. The "As If" Technique pioneered by American Psychologist/Philosopher William James. Is the emotional response that communicates to the unconscious that "This might be so" that the dream is real, this creates energies within the psyche that act like a magnet ready to bring forth the corresponding material object or desire. In practice it is necessary to create a mental Blue Print and furnish it with the requisite props engineering a true "Child Like" imagination --if you can stand it. For the barrier, what you will have to straddle is the interference of the objective mind. The evidence of the physical world reminding you of the irrationality, like some imposing unwelcome guest, but as we have seen, the unconscious does not speak in the same language, it speaks in the language of Dreams and Intuitions. So it is safe to assume if it is real enough to your emotions, it will be real enough to your unconscious. This setting up of a Ritual in a undisturbed place, which will enable you to project your visions upon the universe, The Great Universal Ocean of the Mind. The first requirement is to slow down the meandering stream of consciousness flowing through the mind. When the mind is cluttered with unnecessary distractions it is difficult to maintain a strong visualization. In displaying this technique in order to create a suitable abience around you, you might want spark off the right feelings, to impress your unconscious that your goal has been reached, ie: Carry cetain objects, where certain clothing, visit a certain place etc. Playing this subtle trick on the inner mind will be effective only as long as your responses are clothed in emotion and of course, the same holds for your ritualized imaging, inwhich the ritual should be performed in a semi meditative state. THE FIVE COMMANDMENTS OF VISUALIZATION... 1) THOU SHALT HAVE UTTER SILENCE TO BEGIN WITH. 2) THOU SHALT CREATE A LIVING IMAGE. 3) THOU SHALT DEDICATE YOUR WHOLE HEART. 4) THOU SHALT USE THE "AS IF" TECHNIQUE. 5) LAST BUT NOT LEAST.... THOU SHALL HAVE FAITH IN THE END RESULT. James Lynn Page From his book APPLIED VISUALIZATION A MIND BODY PROGRAMME.