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The Lions Gate - Sekhmet and the Blue Fire Thu, July 26, 2007 - 2:38 PM

The energy of the new year that comes with the Lion's Gate arrives to awaken the emerald Heart and the Tribe of Blue Fire. The Pleiadian spirits are communicating with many who are finding there minds connected to intuitions, dreams, thoughts and feelings. The ancients memories have come again with the Sirian vortex that pulls terra towards the doorway of the Sacred Feminine Heart and the twin flame of the Antarian Wisdom Mind.

Sekhmet comes with power to end the battles of humanity. Her vengeance is divine as she is the powerful lioness goddess of the Sun. She is the divine eye of Ra who has come to return civilization to the honor of the artisans and noble. The Sun has reached its solar minimum and is now awakening with the might and power to stream healing rays through the warring tribes to end the dominance of the warrior. It is the blue fire of purification that she breathes out through her eyes. Her will is unstoppable and is obsessed with vengeance and revenge on the tribes of War. She brings pain, punishment and spills the blood of the transgressors. From her sacred temples she has called forth the priestesses of her command take away the bodies of the wicked and burn them on the altars where there blood will not stain the stones.

The secret temples burn the blue Sun flame of purification and the priestesses awaken the Ankh and open the Eye of Venus so that the fire may bring her desire to the kingdom. The lords of war shall run to the shadows but the Eye will seek them out and render the lives finished for the deed they have done and the dishonor they have brought to the gods.

The red light of desire runs with red blood and blue light which breathes out and breathes in the light body ka. Everywhere you have found the awakening light that brings you to the secret temple of invocation. The feminine goddess of initiation brings forth the sword of the angel to cut the chords that hold back the life of the new spirit.

She comes with the winds of change and the passion of truth. The queen of the lions protects the pride with strength and skill. The trance of power rides now with the passion of will she hunts for evil to devour, feel and kill.

Sekhmet and the Blue Fire

Sekhmet of ancient light and hidden secrets
The blue star burns for Ra's gift of vision
Ptah calls you home to comfort its spirits
The black cat hunts the blood of the wicked

Anubis tracks the shadows of men of war
Sister Bast protects joyful love of Hathor
Mystic star of Regulus lights twin flames
Pyramid Priestesses sing the sacred names

Lionness awake the dreaming goddess Bast
Osiris and the jackal pass the moist air of Maat
Nile runs red with blood of dying pharohs
Arise from desert sands the temple of scarabs

Remember initiations of water, wine and life
Isis finds Osiris in the river of the night sky
Falcon flies through the moon and the sun
Messengers of underworlds awaken the one

Sekhmet lusts for blood of her vengeance breathes
Feline passion cleans the pestilence of evil men
Priestess called to stay with the birth of Nefertem
Lotus of cobra snakes the sun from the soil of Neith

Sekhmet sleeps and dreams the secrets of pyramids
The night is Seth's yet the river always flows within
The Falcon flies one eye blind the other one gold
Hathor heals the vision of Horus the God of Pharohs
For the Lioness and the Liongate

Rysa - 7/26/07