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Here's another strange one I had last night . . .


I'm in futuristic India, and the city is sparkling and sunny and all clumped together in one certain circular area. There is a very wide (perhaps a hundred feet or so?) moat of perfectly clear, sparkling water around this circular (in shape, as a whole - not the shape of the buildings.) city, and to get to the next city or travel to another side of the city, we must travel through the water. The ways of travel are by personal boat (small - like, six-man or smaller, kinda like a car in that sense.), elephant, or shark.

The elephants and sharks, though, are untrustworthy. They are ten times as big as elephants and sharks are in "real" life. The elephants are untrustworthy because they sometimes feel like swimming under the water (they can breathe underwater.), and anyone riding them will drown after too much time. The sharks are untrustworthy because they aren't tame, and once in a while, they will eat or attack their riders. So people generally stick to their personal boats because it's much safer, but the elephants and sharks (and I only ever see one of each "working" at one time - you never see more than one elephant or one shark at a time.) are much quicker. From the minute I flew into this city (I don't remember flying in, but I remember seeing a sidelong aerial view of said city.) and saw the elephant walking underwater and carrying people on its back, I knew it was a bad idea.

I'm on a personal boat with my partner, my dad, my mom, and my sister (although I never look right at my mom and sister). We're traveling down the large channel and heading somewhere, though I don't know where. A shark (not nearly as big as the transport shark - perhaps only two feet long or so.) jumps into our boat and, thinking it's the transport shark, my partner Eric grabs a drill and a steel plate and starts to secure it over the shark's mouth (because that's what's done with the transport sharks, but they're able to eat people sometimes because the metal plate comes lose and needs fixing up often). I hold the shark down to help him, and we get the metal plate over its mouth. It's trying to bite at us all the while, and there's no blood as we're drilling into the shark's face, so it doesn't feel all that sinister.

We then let the shark go and watch him swim away. The scene around us changes. The metal plate is gone, and he's now the huge transport shark, but he cannot touch us - he's a few hundred feet below us, and all the water around us is gone. Our boat is docked on a very narrow dock, and it looks now like all the water that had been surrounding the city has dissipated - there's a wide, doughnut-shaped canyon now (but in the same material as, say, an empty pool.), and one of the transport sharks is standing on its back fins and trying to bite at us up on the dock. There are men in a boat below him (on the cement moat floor.) that are throwing ropes around his neck and trying to bring him down so he stays out of the city, although the moat is deep enough that he won't be able to jump up to surface.


I've been having really strange dreams lately. Like, the last month or so. What's even weirder is that, before that, I couldn't remember my dreams and went "dreamless" for almost a year! Which is ALSO weird because I used to dream so vividly and remember my dreams nearly every single night. Then I went through that process of forgetting my dreams when I woke up for about a year, and now, they're back to being vivid and strange . . . It makes me wonder if maybe I'm being alerted to something or if these dreams (especially last two, the last two blogs I've written.) are really poignant and important. I didn't get the same sense of importance with this elephant-shark dream as I did the rockets-Stars dream from the other night, but still! Very strange . . .

Has anyone else been having weird dreams lately or anything like the last couple I've had? (I'm wondering if perhaps a lot of us are having the same dreams.)