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Channeling by Bashar

Woman: Greetings bashar.
Bashar:  And to you good day.
Woman: Recently i participated in a program with purpose of business management, improving my business, and it was under the foundation of scientology,
Bashar: Alright.
Woman: And while i was there i was realy trying to make, heart felt decisions based on what i was listening to with my higher self.
Bashar: Alright.
Woman: and i felt like i was following my ecxitement.
Bashar: Alright.
Woman: Since i'v been back, i'v been going trough horrendouse meltdown,
Bashar: Well that might be a good thing i'll see.
Woman: Well thats what i need some guidance with.
Bashar: What kind of meltdown, can you be more specific in your definition.
Woman: definitely heart chakra pain, fear, doubt, confusion.
Bashar: About what?.
Bashar: Everything!!.
Woman: everything i ever believed in.
Bashar: Such as.
Woman: Spirituality.

Bashar: Give me one example.
Woman: Who i'am.
Bashar: Witch means what?.
Woman: What my intensions have been, what my passion has been, in healing
Bashar: In healing?.
Woman: Helping others to heal
Bashar: Being healer?!.
Woman: Right.

Bashar: Alright what has brought you to the brink of doubting this as your passion?.
Woman: I have no idea, its all of the sudden, i'v hit this crash this wall, that everything has fallen apart around me, and i don't even have anything to grasp on to.

Bashar: Congratulations!! This is a very wonderfull place for you to have arrived, a very very magical and creative place you have taken yourself, you have put yourself in a situation, and fed yourself information, that would bring this about, so that you could break your self down to the core and build yourself back up, exactly and pricisely, as you prefer to, rather then bringin with you anything at all even a schrip!!, of an idea that doesn't work for you, only by breaking yourself down completly and outerly, can you realy examine what all the parts are, you'v bin carrying, and drop and let go off, the ones that don't work for you when you start to reasemble yourself, in a new way, recrystalize yourself in a new way, now you've done it in a very bold way, witch means the degree of pain you are experiencing, is directly proportional to the degree of strenght you posses, you understand that concept?.
Woman: Absolutely
Bashar: You are all very strong beings, as evidenced and proven by the degrees to witch you subject yourself, to imens dis-comfort and pain, you are eternal beings and you know it !! , and i"m not saying you have to go trough the pain or had to make those choices, but if you do take it, to heart, that thats a sign, that you are that strong, you are that powerfull you are in fact litteraly, in-de-structable, and by choosing a method that actualy makes it seem as if you are falling apart, literaly destroying yourself, you are using the very archetypel symbol it self that is the polar-opposite of what you actualy are, you are embodying in that experience all the negative definitions, of the positive side, of your reality witch is you are completely experiencing, the total breakdown, total meltdown, total destruction, to show yourself in no unsearten terms, that the other side of the same coin is that you are indestructable, because you can not have one side without the other, you cannot have the head of the coint, without having the tail or there is no coint, so if you have all that darkness understand it means you have exactly the same opposite amount in light, so the degree to with you take yourself down!, is the degree to with you actualy also exist in the light and all you have to do is see it that way , understand thats how it can be viewed and then flip it, very easily, flip it, is this making some sense to you?.
Woman: Yes.

Bashar: Is this helping?.
Woman: Its helping but
Bashar: Yes, what?!.
Woman: I wanna know how do i flip that coint?
Bashar: I'm telling you,.
Woman: Okey
Bashar: You see, here again is a perfect example of what we where talking about before in terms of definitions, i have actualy told you exactly, how to transform it, but what you actualy heard, because of old definitions is, you heard me say; Now we can begin the procces of you transforming it, what i actualy said is, this is how it has already transformed, in other words, the very concept it self, i delivered to you is the end of the transformation, the very realization of what i just said to you, when you realize it is the end of the transition unless, you don't define that it is, unless you define it as the beginning,  you need to define what i just said to you as the end,
Woman: I get it.

Bashar: Of the procces does that makes sense?.
Woman: Yes.

Bashar: Does that make a difference in you?.
Woman: Yes.

Bashar: when you said that i get it ! , Did you feel the flip?.
Woman: Yes i did.

Bashar: There you go, Now are you willing to believe, its that easy? , Thats another core belief, are you willing to believe its that easy? , I didn't asked you if you believed it was that easy, i asked if you are willing to believe it .
Woman: Thank you for claryfing that, yes i'm willing to believe this.

Bashar: Alright, very good take all the presure of yourself for having to believe it right now, but remember, that you did get it.
Woman: Yes
Bashar: And that means you do believe it, But you don't have to believe that you do.
Woman: I got it
Bashar: If thats doesn't feel comfortable yet, if that doesn't feel quite human.
Woman: Okey
Bashar: You follow me? , Sometimes and this is very profound, and it will become more profound for more of you as you move forward in this age of transition and transformation, as you discover more and more of who you are, and what the behaviors and actions are of the being you realy prefer to be you discover more of whats that all about, a very profound thing will come into play in your belief system and this is a very powerfull core-belief for many of you, as soon as you begin to realize the full extent of your true reality your true power, many of you will  actualy hesitate to move toward it, any faster then the rest of you will, because you don't wanna stand out, you don't wanna look alien.
Woman: Yes
Bashar: You don't wanna look foreign, you don't want to be unrelatable, You understand?.
Woman: Yes
Bashar: Because if you suddently became everything in your mind everything you could posibly be, you would be so defferent then anyone else, that they probable would not even be to relate to you and you know what might happen, they might even fear you and you know might happen if they did that, they might nail you to a cross.
Woman: Yes i have had that experience.

Bashar: Alright, so you get the point?
Woman: I'am absolutely get that point

Bashar: However, realy in this day and age you could be as bold as you want, and it will be alright, i guarantee, Ass long as you believe it will, But the rate us up  to you i know you all kinda wana go up trough this together, alittle bit, some of you will be Alittle bit Ahead, A little bit Behind, Take turns being ahead, Take turns being behind, but you all kinda actualy sort of wanna move at a rate where you have your friends with you, in this procces, and that is alright, but know thats what your doing and however you choose to do it, its allright, Does that help ?
Woman Very much so, Thank you

Bashar: Thank You, and blessings to you, And blessings to you all, We will extend at this time, To each and everyone of you, Our appreciation, Our gratitude, Our Deep Unconditional Love, And a reminder, Use these tools these technics, you will change, if u use them, but its up to you, Totaly, Outerly, Completly up to you, Please take that to heart, Its in your hands it is your choice, The universe will not contradict you, You are the U-NI-VERSE, Enjoy goodday


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