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Archangel Jophiel through Frixos Christodoulou | Athens, 1 June 10

Summer has come! Beloved workers of the divine consciousness, the presence of heavens approaches the grids of the light hologram of Earth. The gathered momentum of planet Earth (the energy grids of Earth) lead to an accelerating evolution and rotation of the energy fields of the Light.

Loved ones, the joy of Archangels approaches even more the field of the Earth this month in order to contribute in the process of cleansing and restoring the order in the material plane through a new paradigm.

The light being radiated from planet Mars/Jupiter (*1) this period calls forth the old paradigms of patriarchy to unhook from the energy bodies of the planet and humanity. This period you will experience an increased energy inflow and an enlargement or expansion of your energy bodies.

The general fear that is prevailing provokes a contraction to your bodies but soon will follow a dilation that will expand them. This dilation is a physical phenomenon that is happening due to the magnetic influence of the Sun and also from other factors such as the raise of the general vibration of the planet while you are in parallel affected by the approaching astral level. And since everything is depending from the possibilities appearing now to you in your lives and the way they affect you through your own personal choices.

Beloved, this time choose a new way, another paradigm for your life. Summer, this season, these three months that follow will present a series of planetary and stellar alignments that affect your galaxy as a total, and also your solar system and the very Earth of course.

Loved ones, this alignment taking place in June, on the 13th of June 2010, time 13:30, will bring about acceleration; will bring a new turn in the energy light grid embracing the Earth. The energy will be raised one more octave in order to approach more the higher astral levels.

The energy work taking place this period is preparing the planet and humanity with grace, to enter in a new fifth-dimensional reality. This is the new reality you are called to pass in. You know, sometimes it is difficult to do it since there is no reference point.

What is happening now is the deletion of all memory or in a better way the imprints of memory that exist within the collective of humanity and the planet. This helps you to unhook from the old examples and behaviors.

However they still continue to exist. Many times you see that there is no desire to return back in a past behavior of feeling, but many times you “return back” because you don’t know the new and you don’t surrender in this. You allow yourself to create something old, repeating, for once more. Strength and inspiration is needed for the creation of the new. Focus and clear intention are needed without attachment. Abundant flowing love and support in action is needed.

Beloved lightworkers, the Planetary Hierarchy of the Light put great efforts in supporting all people of Earth for a complete change, bringing huge amounts of energy and information in order to guide you smoothly and directly in front of the gate of the New Age of the Light that is coming.

Time, as you know it starts to collapse!

Time, as you know it, starts to be "abolished". You may have noticed the last period that the sense you have for time has changed once more. This is happening because, as we said to you, the astral level which is of a higher vibration of the third dimension, has approached. This means that you will see an acceleration of facts as they manifest in your reality. It won’t be so much different in the way that “time goes fast” as you realize it, but in the way things manifest faster.

In the reality of the third dimension the power that sets manifestation in motion is supported more by the physical action. While you approach the astral level, you will see that the energy fuel of manifestation comes through the power of emotions and thoughts in order to create in matter along with the support of physical action. However every level has its own laws, and these laws always function on their level.

Loved ones, the Light of the Christ this era manifests in the consciousnesses of light workers and all people who listen to the truth of their heart. Beloved, don’t get dispirited and don’t despair. You enter another field and now you learn how this is functioning. The transition can happen easily and fast. Remember the compass of the heart and the light within that is guiding you now.

This June you will experience an alignment and energy light coding as a preparation for the galactic alignment with the photon belt. This coding comes from the center of your galaxy, Alcyone, and will be spirally transmitted to the planetary system of your solar system in order to prepare the collective planetary energies for the next evolutionary level. Signaling and igniting the beginning of a new cycle.

The energies of the planetary minds are about to change in the way they affect the Earth and many of the zodiacs you know will receive new light codes. This means also changes in influences that will be more intense and in alignment with the aspects of the Light.

Also you need to know that the actions of the Light and the unceasing work of the angels of the light embrace your lives with grace. In a more practical level, you will see an emergence of emotions in all people and in your environment generally.

You may notice sudden changes in your mood and moments with intense and hypotonic moods, with frequent alternations. Learn to focus correctly your energies and see how you can handle better the possibilities presented in order to be wholesome and beneficial for everyone.

Archangel Michael & The Cleansing of the Planetary Hologram:

Beloved light workers of God’s work, I wish to bring a message to you. I Am Archangel Michael. This period the planetary hologram of the Earth is about to be severed from the distorted thoughts that exist in the humanity collective, in the codified history of this hologram.

This will bring great disturbance in the fields of the Earth till a new balance is achieved!

This cleansing will affect the entire hologram of the Earth in the time-space frames assisting in this way the ascension in a higher frequency of love and light. This information comes as a preparation and for your own understanding and proper adjustment for what is about to come.

From the Angelic Kingdom of the Light, Archangel Michael.

The Angelic Kingdom and the actions of the Angelic Hierarchy never abandon the planet and the continuous flow of the angelic energy works intensively. Finally we wish to emphasize something. The “contour” of the human consciousness is going to break in short period and huge amounts of energy will be released flooding the fields “above and below”.

This “contour” looks like a veil that is covering you. Another way to describe it is like a protective shield that kept you safe we could say but the same time is a kind of barrier. The time to open this “contour” has began and soon you will say the light being radiated more through the pure consciousnesses and the light bodies of light workers on Earth.

Loved ones, give time to yourself to adjust smoothly in the new reality. Take care and pay attention to all of your bodies and give some time to investigate your feelings and your moods. While things are changing, attune yourself every day with the heart, with the truth of the Divine that is inside you and give time to your consciousness to align directly with the Source.

Beloved light workers of the truth of the Light, we wish you a month full of pleasant realizations and soul steps towards the Light within.

Planetary alignments in June 2010:

1. Greater alignment with the central sun of the galaxy.

2. Solar storm approaching after the 15th of June to 17th.

3. Increase of cosmic energy inflow.

4. Cosmic fire coming in preparing the way for the seventh ray.

5. The constellation of Ursa Major (Great Bear) changes orientation slightly. This will cause the synthesis of a new energy that will support the more direct stellar-planetary circle around the earth.

Other important dates in June:

Summer Solstice: 21 June

Full Moon: 26 June

Partial Lunar Eclipse: 26 June. Visible from Australia to East Asia (sunrise) and to North and South America (sunset).

Channeling from Archangel Jophiel through Frixos Christodoulou | 1 June 10, Athens

Notes & Comments:

(*1) Planet Jupiter on the Tree of Life corresponds to the Sephiroth Chesed (Violet flame, male energy) in combination to planet Mars-opposite Sephiroth Geburah, on the triangle they form with the Sun- Sephiroth Tifaret.

Α. 13 June 2010: Important planetary alignment. Planet Uranus, Jupiter and Mercury will be located on the one side of the Sun and from the other side we will be Venus, Mars and Saturn. While the Earth is located vertically to the Sun, forming a gigantic T.

The alignment will be completed on the 11th of July 2010 with a solar eclipse.

Obviously the fields of the Sun will be affected and solar flares or solar storms will be noticeable; affecting the Earthly fields in various ways. These planets in the way they are aligned, are in perfect correspondence and balance as they are represented on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life (Columns of Mercy and Severity), with the Sun in the center, and below planet Earth, and on the top is Neptune (Kether).

Β. On the Summer Solstice, the Great Bear (Ursa Major) points to the South and the “opening” of the constellation towards the East.

Please forward this message without alterations or changes!

Angels House University:

Channelled by : Frixos Christodoulou
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