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I am Sarah.
Sometimes I am called Sarah la Kali – ‘Sarah the Black’
This is rooted in myth and mystery and holds a key to the archetypal energy that I portray and which can be accessed through calling on me.
All that I am, and all that is, is part of Divinity’s creation.
There is nothing that is not of God.
All is God.
Each part of Divinity’s creation hold the key to the light, because God is light; transcendent, formless, uncreated.
I am that which is created here on earth, the darkness; primordial matter.
To reach the light of God, transcendent and formless, is to go through me, the darkness and manifest creation of form, matter and all being.
But where I am, God is.
In the form, is the formless and so I am the potential of union in all things, bright and dark, good and evil, all serve the purpose of divinity, all things are there to serve the purpose of reaching in to find the light, or to find the darkness, until light and dark are perfectly balanced.
And in that perfect balance comes the occurrence of union, and the transcendent power of God (which is neither light or dark but is all) is released in its full potential, made visible and accessible here in manifest creation, the splendour revealed.
Within yourselves, the union and balance of perfect light, perfect dark, are the conditions met for the sacred lotus of the heart to open, the Hrit Padma*, connecting you to your Divine spark; and so revealing the light of your Higher Selves, your original Selves, so that you can live here manifesting the light of God, your original Selves, fully upon the earth.
And so to those of you who continue to work with alchemizing your lives, I say hold all that you do sacred, honour yourselves and the journeys that you are on.
You are bringing in the light of the Divine with every effort to raise your vibration, with each attempt to live in your truth, and discover the light of the soul that is within you, and what you have come here to do.
Look for the sacred in all that you do, breathe into the sacred lotus of the heart, ask it to guide you, it is your inner Divinity, wrapped in the shrouds of darkness for now.
With each breath into this sacred space, your energy, and conscious awareness causes the sacred soul to reveal itself a little more, and does this by shedding the layers of fear and doubt, anger and betrayal, confusion and uncertainty; look into your lives and dedicate all that you do not feel is ‘of the light’ to your sacred journey and continue to work with these things, doing all you are inspired and guided to do.
All of these things are a shedding of the wrappings and coverings and will result in the spontaneous revelation of that which is at the heart of your being, your Divine Self.
And in the same way that it is possible for a labouring mother to guide herself to celebrate each contraction as being one step closer to reaching that of her heart’s desires, her beautiful child held within and to rejoice in it, so it is possible to celebrate and give thanks for the painful and difficult challenges which are present in your lives, because they are bringing you one step closer to God, which is your very Selves.
Each challenge you are presented with, all that is in your life that is not as you would wish, all of this is given to you by God, so that you can find the gifts hidden within; the gifts of love and truth, warmth and compassion, strength and joy and so finding the light by going through into darkness.
Praise Divinity for giving you these things, because this is how you are taken into the light!! Rejoice in your own difficulties, your own suffering, because it is showing you the way back home to yourSelves, showing you what needs to be shed, released, transmuted and transformed. Rejoice in the power of your own Alchemy, and give up expecting the difficulties not to be there, or that there is something wrong with you that they are there; everything is perfect exactly as it is. Hold the intent to give up all judgement, and just be with what is, ask it what it has come to teach you and let it reveal it’s perfect light.
Believe in yourSelves, that you have the power to be who you truly are.
See your goal there shining at the end of your pathway,
Do not waver, but hold it there with unrelenting intent.
It shall be so!!
Through the holding of perfect balance of light and dark, you have learnt your own power and what you can do; alchemists you are and the workings that you do reverberate across the earth, nothing is separate, all is intertwined. Just by being, just by doing, just by holding that intent, you are sharing the transcendent light of God, with all of humanity.
May blessings pour down upon you, each and every day of your lives.

*the ‘hrit padma’, (the ‘lotus of the heart’ or ‘sacred heart’), is placed energetically in between the heart and solar plexus chakras.

Rachel Goodwin is a channel, hypnotherapist & energy healer who works with the Angels & Ascended Masters, especially Lady Sarah, and also works profoundly with the energies for ascension held around the sacred isles of Hawai’i.

Sarah is an ascended master guide for the Age of Aquarius and is working with the Earth and humanity to assist us in our process of ascension, and in manifesting our Higher Selves here on earth.
© Rachel Goodwin 2010

Channelled by : Rachel Goodwin


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