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You have many chakras, a lot more than many of you think. There are seven main chakras within the physical body, but there are also chakras within the hands, knees, ankles, feet and many other places and there are many higher chakras all the way to source. The smaller chakras in the physical body become more active as all main chakras are completely open and activated.

At this point I would like to focus on the main chakras and their connection to the kundalini flow and source core.

As you look at the pictures that our channel has made, under my guidance, you will see in picture one the seven main chakras.


kundalini 1


In the second picture you can see the kundalini flow and the seven chakras. The kundalini energy when fully active flows up and down at the same time between all chakras. The flow goes up to the highest activated chakra which is different for every person. The kundalini is like an in and out breath of energy.

kundalini 2

In the third picture you can see the second chakra is not cleared and the affect it has on the kundalini energy flow.

There is not really a flow as the kundalini needs a clear chakra to flow completely up and down.

kundalini 6

The fourth picture shows you the chakras, kundalini and source core when you have seven chakras within the physical body. As you can see the kundalini energy flows outside of the source core, almost like snakes going up and down connected to the source core.
kundalini 3

Our fifth picture shows you what happens when all seven chakras within the physical body are clear and you bring in chakra eight through twelve into the physical body and they change into electrons. Bringing in these chakras means you have completed planetary ascension. The change into electrons is part of the cosmic ascension process.

kundalini 4

Our next picture shows the next step on the path of cosmic ascension.

As you can see the source core is all that is left and the energy flows freely between source and the earth with you as the conduit.

The moment the elektrons are ready they will dissolve and the source core will expand to source and into earth. This happens when you start activating more and more higher light bodies and more chakras. The higher chakras are gateways into the higher light bodies, they lead to the higher self, soul, I am Presence and eventually your source being that is connected to source. The source core starts out smaller than you see in this picture and will become even wider than this picture as you activate more and more of the higher parts of your being.

What the source core does is that it allows for an easier integration of those higher parts within the physical body, it also allows for more of the source energy to flow into mother earth to support the ascension process of mother earth.

kundalini 5

As the kundalini was the in breath and out breath of your own energy pushing upward to connect ro source, once you have reached source, the source core within yuo becomes the in and out breath of source energy within you.

The source core is a tube that connects all the way to your source being, and in the beginning this is a small tube that runs through every part of your being. But just like when the chakras are not clear or not activated, there is a disconnect and the energy can not flow freely up and down this tube, the source core within you.

As you activate more higher parts of you the source core returns to its original state and becomes connected to the full flow of pure source energy within you and outside of you through source.

There are more systems within the physical body, like the cosmic axiatonal system and more that are connected to the light bodies and higher parts of your being that become integrated within this source core and assist in expanding the source core. The source core is crystalline energy that is continuously flowing through you and as you bring in higher parts of you the change into diamond begins. The source core and the other energy systems within the physical body assist in the change of the physical cells into crystalline frequencies and from there into diamond frequencies.

This is all part of the cosmic ascension process to turn the physical body into light.

As you can see part of this process in the pictures below as well where we have made the basic picture of the physical and light bodies, including higher self, soul, I am presence and your source being.


everything outside the physical body


This second picture is when all of it is lowered into the physical body and starts to integrate within the physical body as the last picture show you every part fully integrated in the physical body. Of course this is the simple version and more information about the other energy systems comes available when you are on the path of cosmic ascension.


everything within the physical body


everything integrated within the physical body


These pictures are for guidance only and to show you parts of the processes that are happening within the physical body and every other part of you in spirit.

They are made to show you the basics as the process of cosmic ascension entails more than what you see here right now.
The shapes of the light bodies are for explanation purposes and within spirit it does look different but I wanted to give you the information in a way that is clear and precise.




December 2, 2010

Petra Margolis

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Sorry had to keep the pictures small, but you can see them in their full size on our website

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