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FEB 2016 UPGRADE STATUS :User profiles and New posts are now working again! Yey! Thank you so much for your patience! PLEASE Post any Issues Here.

I humbly ask for a message that can be shared with lightworkers and humanity, from the energy of the Crystal Skulls that are in ceremony this month. 13 Skulls will be united and a Mayan person will receive the wisdom of each crystal skull.

I found a description on the web of what the ceremony may be like, which follows:

Drunvalo Melchizedek states that the crystal skull ceremony is held once every 1,000 years, and the owner of the crystal skulls and the 'grandmother' would make a special concoction of special herbs, psychedelic plants and mushrooms and make it very strong, which would take them in their spirit into the crystal skulls in their minds, but not their physical body. Through that, they would remember the previous knowledge that had been lost. The Mayans are going to be doing this soon, 13 Shamans, which can be either men or women or both will do this ceremony. The holy place is called "Cepa pu'

The cave was 28 kilometers long

The wind blows through the trees when the elders raise their arms. as if directed by the elder. It is very impressive.

The crystal skull path of knowledge

1st skull came from Atlantis

the 2nd skull came from Atlantis

Each skull contains 1,000 years of history. There are now 13 skulls which must be gathered together.

The grandmother's job was to choose a crystal to make it into a human skull shape, the the grandmother would select a man or a woman or both for other ceremony.

Once the grandmother selected the person for this ceremony, the person would be chosen at birth and would study all their lives for the Mayan knowledge, and he would become a shaman in his trianing.

Then the grandmother prepared the crystal skull ceremony. That would seal the knowledge for another 1,000 years.

Drunvalo tells us that Native Americans have 'grandmother' societies.

~~~~end descriptions~~~

Entering the Hall of Records, the Akash

I am called to ask for information from the skulls, that the Akashic Records, the Crystal Skulls, and the Mayans want to share with others to assist them and planet earth. I ask for permission from them, the ancients to hear what is of the highest good for all. I acknowledge the forces of light, the lords or the records, masters, teachers and loved ones, and ask what that the morphic field of the a crystal skull, the seventh, we ask that you offer instructions on how to become multidimensional.

I am now in a multidimensional cave, the akashic records are stored here in a geode of crystals all
around me. I am in the space ot the akash, the womb, the crystal cave, and next I find myself on a beach where there are skulls. I am invited to hold one, and I place it on my lap, feeling the intense energy, an energetic pulsing, and I loose consciousness.

I later wake up, and recall the dimension I am seeking. I am returning the the akash, the cave,
and then touching the skull, and holding it as it invites me to do so. A crystal, a crystal skull
has consciousness! A mineral has consciousness just like me. That is my first knowing.

I find myself feeling in deep presence, very awake but not thinking just feeling. It is profound
and I know it is emanating from the skull. The teaching is that the body, yours and mine, our human bodies are becoming crystalline. Imagine being the skull, having a crystal skull as our head, and bones and body and blood are crystalline. It feels like being a radio transmitter and receiver for frequency waves. It reminds me of a recent learning that I had in meditation about being the field.

I was feeling my connection to the field of my family members, two humans and two dogs and my own as they slept. I was feeling a blending and how being in a calm state effects the field profoundly. We are all interconnected. You can calm everyone if you yourself can be calm and transmit the most peaceful energy to the whole room and beyond. I think of kindergarten teachers who manage 30 children this way in a classroom. Or a dog trainer who has a room full of dogs. When the energy is calm, the field is very powerful. You can emanate the field of love, balance, coherence, and peacefulness that travels to everyone.

Back to the crystal skull. I am still feeling this intense sensation of presence, while I feel like a frequency tower and as a field of energy that spreads far and wide. That is where we are headed in becoming multidimensional.

I felt a beam from the skull to my heart which was a download, to be opened in the future when it was triggered. When I revisit the experience, I feel the love stored in my heart and pulsing and expanding outward.

Our hearts can connect to the crystal skull and receive a download. It is a giving and taking of our energy with the the consciousness of the skull, and recieving is matching the frequency of that which we want to recieve. Tune your radio dial to whatever and wherever you want to by matching your frequency with it, as your field encompasses everything everywhere.

The next lesson was about thinking, especially when I am thinking troubled thoughts that disturb the field. They cut us off from the field, in fact.

~~We are not thoughts. We are the field in which thoughts happen.~~

The thoughts polarize us.

I had an image of mental floss with a string going through a head, from one area to another, and it went through a maze that was inside the head coming out the other side. There was a pulling on one side and then the other when the person thought about something, and had a polarized view of it- pulling from one side to the other. Have you ever had a mental argument in your head?

What becoming the field looks like:

The message was to compare this to another image, which was a of the skull and a maze within it going in all directions. No pathway was chosen as in the first image with the mental floss. Then the pathways faded (this represents our neural pathways being open to anything, without any preconceived patterns.) It was just the inside of the head, representing all time lines and all possibilities when you become the field.

Then I was feeling like I was small and inside the skull, and then it felt as if the skull was inside of me. It was a play of large and small, back and forth so it was confusing about space and size. It was weird and a little like Alice visits Wonderland. The point of this was that you can become a dust mote and experience life. The message is that size and space are illusion. I imagined becoming very small and going inside the veins of a leaf and experiencing another world there. And I didn't need to be human to experience anything. Or I would still be me, even in a different form or size. I was recalling how the universe can live inside of you, and felt that. And you can feel very large or very small- all perception and relative.

Later in a quiet moment, I figured out how the paradox of this could work. Since you are all, all consciousness, you can place your awareness on any place within it, like become a tree or dust mote
so therefore size and space doesn't matter. You are all, space and matter, and you can focus and experience from the viewpoint of a dust mote or a star. You can have the stars within you. You are not the "stuff," you are the awareness of within and around the stuff, or more accurately the field in which it happens.

Reminder: be the field that is non-polarized and neutral. Be the field of love frequency, coherence.

The energy of the skull shared this: We are 3D and dense because of magnetism holds us here.

And what creates the magnetism, I ask this consciousness. We create magnetism with polarity and duality thinking! Oh, yes, of course, this really makes sense!

We really exist between the space of the particles.

I was shown how we are the space with particles that are always in motion to give the illusion of form. Do you recall those toys you played with as a child with a clear plastic cover over iron filings? You had a magnet to move them around within a picture? The one I recall had a side profile of a guy's head. You could move the filings to decorate him and give him hair and features. The image was of this game, and the filings being blown to a new position - magnet dust picture being messed up. That shows how mutable we are even though we think we are solid.

For becoming multidimensional "Get okay with not being something and still know that you exist
you exist between the spaces too."

You are unmagnetizing yourselves, unpolarizing.

I ask "Is this like drinking alkaline water for health?" YES is the answer. Balancing acid in the body with alkaline. Allowing the physical body to become the field - maybe that is why I am led to drink lemon water.

You are blending and synthesizing, all points of view.
Be the field. Don't be the thought.

Go beyond the events in your life. They don't matter especially now.
I got a hit of the total irrelevance of what I do in my life, and we all do, going through the charade of doing stuff, working jobs, having conflicts where we feel a need for control of others and situations. It truly doesn't matter any more.

What matters is becoming the field in which all life happens.

Be a transmission tower of your frequency, the highest possible.

Thinking takes you to polarity and density, a heaviness.

Your life events create the frequency, or at least they have, and in becoming the field you transcend the life events, and they go to the background as you as a transmitter of frequency goes to foreground of who you are.

I went inside the skull! There I Saw sacred geometric structures in three dimensions, a clear world which was very huge, a world in there. Spinning, mutating,undulating forms within the crystalline matrix, changing and resonating. What a feeling! I want to return and play with sound. It felt like another world and as I mentioned before we don't have to use the form of person or form at all to experience the universe.

We are encouraged us to have empathy, to practice and be another from their point of view.
Become a dog. Or become the Crystal Skull. It is important to do this when polarized with another, or when fearful.It is suggested that we also experiment with going beyond the form of another, practice being the field. Practice putting your awareness in other places than your body. Put your awareness in the all, in the diffuse expansiveness in which phenomena arise and then fall.

Yes, it will be a world of telepathy and connection of fields.
You can choose what experiences of another you want to download!
You can share experiences as holographic ones, with many senses involved.

In speaking to one another with words as you do, you just don't understand one another.
You are going beyond to "feeling," feeling each other in transmission and feeling as a space or field, and also as a way of being.
Do this. Be this. It feels expansive and like presence - The field of coherence.

Your multidimensional self wants to share with you how to become multidimensional! Your higher self is your higher dimensional self, and there to guide you and assist you.

Channelled by : Luminance River