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We come to guide and support ALL across the planet earth at this time. We are the dragon realms and we come to show you our support as ALL realms work to support ALL across the planet. We have not channelled publicly through our channel before and we ask for your patience and trust as we try to put into human words how we can help and support at this time. Many of you will be familiar with our energies and understand that your language is not something that we are perfect in and that our energies and FEELings are how we work.

There are many different dragon energies and many of you may have connected to different levels of dragon energy. By that we mean that some of our kin are more adapt at conversing with humans than others. If you have connected to some of our kin who are warriors you may have found the experience very overwhelming. We have had to learn to temper our energies when first connecting with humans as many times the energies have left the human connected to overwhelmed and exhausted.

Many of you may be unaware of how we work and this is another reason for our connection to you at this time. The power of the dragon realms is immense and for some this means that connecting to a dragon energy immediately instils fear in the human. YOU have nothing to fear, any of you, we do not come here to harm humans we come to reconnect for many have worked with us for life times. We give much love and respect to all humankind for many are now awakening to the TRUTH of our existence and how we can help. We are protectors of humankind and our ability to protect and clear obstacles from the human are immense.

Many of you will be aware of the illusion and how it has bent the dragon energies for its own will. Many humans believe us the enemy and much folklore is built up around humans slaying dragons, we ask you to detach from this illusion and its teaching. We are no more out to harm humans than you are to harm those around you. Although we realise that many humans do wish harm on others, but you must realise that if this is the case they are bound in illusion.

For aeons we have been bound between the worlds, unable to come to the aide of many due to being locked between realms. Many humans have sought to clear the portals to enable us to come through to help and we send much love to these humans. It is through the actions of these humans across the planet that mankind now has a powerful energy to protect them. ALL realms stand ready to help and support ALL humans at this time and it is important that the veils are taken down and the TRUTH is revealed to ALL across the planet. Many have experienced our energies but have been unaware what it is they have experienced. We are around ALL of you who are at a vibration to connect to us. We do not usually channel in the way that other realms will channel through a human. For many perhaps this will be the first written word channelling of a dragon energy that you will have read. Many will dispute its authenticity due to this but the energies across the planet are changing and ALL humans must now begin to awaken to TRUTH.

Too many humans are in illusion. We are here to offer our energies to help you move out of illusion. We have energies that can be used for protection and support. Many call on the dragon energies at times where they need that extra boost of energy, where they feel threatened. Know that when you call on Dragon energy the appropriate Dragon will answer your call. We are FELT dear ones, for the energies of the dragon realms are strong and many humans will FEEL us near. Many are able to see the wisps of smoke that we leave as evidence that we are around you. Once more we ask the human race not to rely purely on their eyes and ears. We are around you when you FEEL and SENSE us. That is how your new world works, if you only see and hear the world using your limited range of senses as taught through illusion you will not be able to connect to us.

Many humans across the planet have been taught to fear us. We have been described as beasts that need slain and we ask you to challenge this image. Why would we be described as such to you? As our energies are so vast and so powerful why would illusion seek to have you believe that we need destroyed? We have worked with humans for life times, our role is protector of humans why would we be of danger to you?

We wish to let you understand that our energies are available at all times for ALL humans who wish to connect across the planet. We wish to break down the walls of the illusion, to allow the humans across planet earth to realise that ALL ARE ONE. We stand alongside the angelic realms, the faerie realms, the tree realms, the animal kingdom, the star systems, ALL ARE ONE. Many humans reject our energy for fear of falling off the path of TRUTH, we are here to guide that as ALL ARE ONE then ANY energy can be connected to. The illusion will teach that certain realms are more accessible than others and we are here to strongly challenge this teaching. ALL realms can be accessed by ALL.

Much fear is seeded within the human race and for many humans we will not reveal ourselves to you for this reason. We have no reason to cause more fear, dragons are not what you have been taught to believe. For many our true form would cause some distaste such is the teaching of the illusion around form and what it means. We ask that humans who connect to us allow us to show our true selves in the time frame that we believe is correct. We will always answer the call of a human, we are here to protect and to serve as ALL serve the light and the LOVE that IS. ALL walk in light , in service to ALL. We do not say this to lower who we are for in TRUTH all who are awake serve the light. Walk in service to LOVE at all times and you will be walking in TRUTH.

The changes taking place across the planet have many humans lowering vibration due to fear, we ask that when you FEEL that fear spread within that you call upon the dragon realms to help you with that FEAR. Our energies work to protect and also to clear out that which you may find no longer serves you. YOU will KNOW when to access our realms, you will FEEL us near, we wished to make contact with you at this time to quell any FEAR that YOU may have had at the depth of energy that you connect to. Know that it is impossible to misuse energy when it is directed from the heart. We work in light, for light and are of light, our energies are pure light, KNOW THIS, absorb this and call on us when you need to connect to us.

Humans have powerful light within and it is this light that you work with to reveal more TRUTH to your very BEing. We ask you to step into the light that YOU are and connect with ALL realms, for in TRUTH ALL realms are YOU. We are the dragon realms and we stand ready to protect ALL humans across the planet. Do not allow illusion to fool you into the emotion of FEAR for in TRUTH there is nothing to be in fear of. We step back now but may channel through others at different times. KNOW that YOU may connect to our energies at any time. We bid you eternal blessings and stand ready to serve in LIGHT.

copyright Karen Doonan, all rights reserved

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