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We come to guide and support ALL at this time of chaos and for many across the planet uncertainty. Many of you are waiting for the universe to provide you with the next part of your journey and we are here to guide you strongly to detach from waiting. There is no waiting dear ones, there is no path to follow as such, YOU create your life journey and experience so YOU are creating this path from moment to moment. Many of you now stand ready to move into YOUr TRUTH and we applaud YOU for the trust and faith that YOU have within your very BEing.

Many of you are still feeling “stirred up” as it were as the energies dance around YOU, through YOU and within YOU. These energies are here to help move and lift that which no longer serves YOU. Allow the energies to stir YOUr life experience around, a bit like the whirl of sand on the breeze, allow the energies to move around that which has been in place for so long. It is by moving and expanding that humans grow and we watch as many refuse to expand, clinging on to that which must be released, afraid of the expansion. We guide dear ones that to expand is part of the life journey, to experience the new is to be open to growth and expansion.

Illusion teaches the lessons of same old, same old. Many humans are deep in this illusion that teaches that all will stay the same. Many humans at this moment are running to stand still and we guide you strongly to detach from the illusion of sameness. All new experiences help to move and to expand your BEing. To try something new, to step out into the world and be open to the new is the way forward dear ones. We watch as many humans defer to the “safe” route, proclaiming that they are not this or not that when in TRUTH each one of you is ALL.

Let us explain our meaning to you. Many who are deep in the illusion of competition have fallen into the illusion as they wish that they could be as others. When you look upon another human and find yourself saying” I wish I could do that”, then you are in illusion for ALL can be ALL. Each one of you can be or do as you wish, if you wish to be a teacher then what stops you teaching? If you wish to be a pilot what stops you? We ask these questions for you to begin the questions that should be asked of your dreams. What did you dream of BEing when you were but a child? What was your dream that you locked away inside of YOU? The dream will give you clues as to why you are here on this earth at this time and will lead your further to YOUr TRUTH.

Many humans have abandoned the dream that they had, defeated by the veils of illusion that teach that dreams are for dreamers and that reality needs no dreams. We guide you to look at this teaching and see how it contains. Dreams ARE for dreaming and it is through learning to dream that you CREATE. Nothing can be created that is not first dreamt of. Do you understand our analogy dear ones? do you understand our words? When you dream allow your BEing to soar, allow the energies that are within that dream to play with the LOVE that IS and begin to create the dream. The energy that you pour through your life experience is what creates that life experience. We watch as many humans pour a lot of energy into something that they have no dream of. Many struggle trying to identify why they are here on this planet at this time oblivious to what makes their hearts sing. For in TRUTH dear ones it is what makes your heart sing that is the path to your TRUTH.

Many stand by as others begin to create their dreams and fall into the illusions teaching that it will never happen to them. Many humans across the planet send the message again and again out to the universe that “it is not us”. Words carry strong messages and once more we guide you to be wary of your thoughts, they are powerful and are the methods of creation. To think is to dream dear ones, if you think you cannot do something then you have created it. To think that you CAN do something is to have created it. Both are true. It is self belief, belief and trust in YOU that creates your dreams.

Many defer to others, handing over their power to those humans around them that CANNOT dream their dream, for dreams are personal as is your power. It is personal to you. There is nothing another human can do that YOU cannot do. We guide you to take this TRUTH into the void and to discover the TRUTH. Many have fear when faced with the void and refuse to enter. They instead choose to stay outside the void and then wonder why their dreams do not begin to materialise. The void is the place of darkness within that ALL is created from. The illusion teaches the void is a place of darkness and fear and we guide you to detach from this teaching. The void is THE place of creation. It is from the void, the blackness, nothingness that ALL is created from. Deep within your BEing is a place where all the magic happens dear ones and it is only be venturing into the dark, into the void that you will begin to create.

The void appears to many to be nothing. It is a black hole out of which many face their fears and we guide that fear is to be faced at any time. Illusion teaches that fear exists and humans have absorbed this at a deep level. Faced with this humans work through layers of fear where in TRUTH there is none to work through. This is part of the human life journey and we are here to guide and support as you work through all these layers. We guide you to enter the void when you are ready and to seek what you look for within. ALL is within dear ones, there is nothing that is needed that is outwith your very BEing.

Those who seek to teach that all is found from following are in fear. Fear is the breeding ground of ego and we guide YOU to be wary of ego. Where there is ego there is always fear for it supports the ego. There is in TRUTH no duality that was created by humans to work through fear, which is ego. Do you understand our words dear ones. Where there is human ego there is always fear. Many of the lightworkers across the planet at this moment work from a place of fear. As the energies are fluxing and moving many are now discovering that self healing is an avenue they can explore. This has many lighworkers questioning their work and how they will live. “If others heal themselves how can I continue?” is the phrase that is often most thought. We guide you to be aware of this illusion. Self healing has always taken place across the planet. Healers are here to hold the space for expansion and UNITY.

We guide most strongly that self healing is perfectly achievable as YOU know more about YOU than anyone else alive on the planet. Who is more perfect to heal YOU than YOU? We guide that many lightworkers are struggling at this moment as they refuse to look at the new ways of working that are coming into creation. This is not about containment and working the way that has “always been”. This point in human life experience is about expansion for the human vibration is heightening, as it heightens and expands then humans will expand. Expansion is the way forward dear ones. If these words trigger you then we guide you to go within and to look for the seeds of fear that are within. Once more we guide there is no competition, there is no “them” and “us” there only IS.

Moving out of duality for many across the planet is a struggle and we guide that the struggle is mainly to do with ego. Allow all to go dear ones, for the one that you struggle with is in TRUTH the self. ALL ARE ONE. No one is higher in statute than anyone else, all are equal. If this is not your life experience then look for the seeds of fear and be aware that illusion is present. Illusion will teach that you are not good enough or that someone is above you, that is not TRUTH dear ones. Once more we guide to live through the heart, when it FEELs right then it IS right. The human life experience lived from the heart is completely different in vibration than a human life experience that is lived from the mind. The mind cannot comprehend emotion dear ones, that is not what it was designed for. Logic plays no part in the expansion of the human BEing and we guide that illusion is at play if you try to stay in the mind instead of the heart.

The heart KNOWS its song, have you found the song that your heart sings? Have you listened for the song or are you drowning out the song with the sound of illusion? Illusion teaches that wants are above needs and that everyone must compete to get their share. This is not TRUTH dear ones. It breeds fear and plants seeds of fear. The heart KNOWS the song it needs to sing but you need to go into the silence to begin to hear the song of the HEART.

We are the Pleiadian Council of Nine and we guide dear ones that ALL is perfect. ALL are ONE. Listen to the sound of your heart, listen to the guidance from within. For many humans across the planet their soul is but a gentle whisper on the breeze. Take time to listen to the whisper and it will gain in strength. Allow the silence within to help you listen. We are here to guide and support all at this time and we guide once more that ALL ARE ONE.

copyright Karen Doonan, all rights reserved

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Channelled by : Karen Doonan
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