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Life... ... a surprize ... A journey towards the unknown. No warranties. Defining milestones that leads to decisions. Obstacles conquered. Life lessons taught. Tears falling down. Laughter exploding. Human encounters leaving you indifferent. Human encounters in the flow making you to stop. Human encounters embroidering in your memory. Waking up the sleeping heart. Making it pound. Experiences in the body temple. Emotions rioting. Toughts in orbit. Judging voices. Accusing shouting. The ego. Fears. Apprehentions. Wanderings. Questions. Away. Away. Out. Out. The Old. The now. The new. Answers. The liberations of the soul. Time ticking. Tick tack, tick tack. One second at a time. Second to minute. Minute to hour. Hour to day. Day to week. Week to month. Month to year. Years of a lifetime ... To love, work, dare, dream, risk, chance, want, enjoy, suceed. The world around is bursting in storm. The revealtions of truth - an inner peace. Curiosity. Trust. Appreciaition. Grace. Life - a miracle of love. The magic of everyday. A surprizing journey! A challenging journey where you have to have comfortable walking boots! An individual masterpiece. In all possible colors. And an art. To live ...