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Simple piece of advice from our orbspirit friends, 5 july 2010 -------------------------------------------------------------- You think that you know. But if you let let it go, you will know, that it only is an illusion, which creates all ... this confusion. Let it go. Let it go. Let it go. You don't have to know. Cut those cords loose in your brain, that are such a strain. Give your skull some space to breath. This is what you truly need. Look att everyone around you, who think they know. Really, the don't. They only think they do. Funny, since you do it too. Forget about your brain and don't be afraid of the pain. 'Cause you will start to feel. And then in awe neel in front of your bigger high self. That has your heart unveiled! When you truly feel ... then you will really know the big how, that lets you live in the now and be one with the flow! So little human let your heart feel and discover how you can heal. Begin to feel and you will love that you don't have to know. The light will spread in your head and the thoughts all be dead. Your body will cheer for the thought you killed and yourself made free, simply by letting it be! Your soul starts whisper all the pretty things in your ear, that you for so long wanted to hear. So clear. So light. So bright. Straight from your heart!