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We are around you, we are next to you, we stand shoulder to shoulder with each and every one of you. We are the Dragon realms and once more we come to guide and support EACH one of you across the planet earth. Illusion has taken hold of many humans across the planet as it steps up its teachings of fear and panic. Many realms came forward to warn of the events that have now started to take place and many humans have not absorbed the information that was given.

The Dragon realms are here to help those who wish to be protected and safe at this time, this is not safety and protection in illusions teaching which is to shut out all around and to concentrate on self, this is protection of ALL. The dramas that are unfolding in your media are designed to lower the human vibration, they are designed to grow the fear that was planted within each human and we are here to help ALL to detach from this. Use the power of the Dragon realms to unveil the levels of illusion that have you caught in its trap.

Many humans have descended into illusion, many have separated themselves from those who take part in the events and see themselves as somehow above them. Please look at this way of BEing and realise that this is illusion. Separation is always involved in the teachings of illusion. ALL ARE ONE. Many humans across the planet are deeply asleep and we ask that you be aware of this. Those asleep are under the teachings of illusion and walk a different path in a different world to those who are awake or awakening. They CANNOT see what you see, they cannot FEEL what you feel for illusion is wrapped so tightly around them that they can barely breathe.

We are here to help ALL, we ask that you step back into your hearts and out of your minds. Logic will not help you move through the coming days and weeks as illusion pulls out all stops in a bid to lower human vibration across the planet. Only by holding the space for those humans who are asleep will you be able to move forward and to help them and therefore help yourselves. This is not “them” and “us” , this is ALL. No one is separate in what is happening. Those who are asleep play the role well and are there to help those who are awake to move through the layers of illusion. For without them you would not be able to clearly recognise illusion and its tricks.

The media plays its part well and many are falling into the trap of reading and reacting along with the media. We ask that you look at the part you are playing in this drama. Do you hold the light that shines brightly? Do you beam out the LOVE that IS through your very BEing to help hold the space for those asleep? Or do you react as the illusion expects you to by spreading the fear and illusion to the rest of the humans in your environment? Many have started to criticise those who take part in these events and we ask you to question why you would criticise someone you know nothing about. You do not walk the life path of those involved and have no idea what is going on in their minds. Many who have awoken have no idea of the depth of illusion that those asleep wade through with every waking moment.

Many who are awake complain of various symptoms and then realise that it is part of the process of elevating their vibration. They have lost sight of the nightmare that is being deeply asleep within illusion. Your brothers and sisters across the planet are deep in illusion, they live a waking nightmare with no end in sight, they have no idea that all realms stand by them, they have no idea of the power they have deep within their BEing, they sleepwalk through their life experience. THAT is why all realms stand with the lightworkers and those awake, together we hold the space for those asleep to lessen the nightmare, to try to wake up those who have made the decision to wake up and to help those who are never going to wake up. The Dragon realms watch as humans do battle with humans unaware that there is in reality no battle. Illusion is directing this drama and we ask that you be aware and detach fully from it.

Spreading more fear in the guise of help or information is the tool used by illusion to spread its teaching. You will not help your fellow humans by bowing to illusion. Pour the LOVE that IS through all of the drama that unfolds across your planet. Call on the realms that are closest to you to help you hold the space at this time. This is illusion, this is not the end, this is merely a tantrum by illusion to prove that is has the power that it craves but it does not possess. For there is only ONE power and that is LOVE.

We are here to move you personally through the veils of illusion. If the drama is triggering you then there is fear within your BEing, allow us to help remove that fear and allow yourself to view the TRUTH. Stand tall in the power of the LOVE that IS and reach out to your fellow humans who now flounder in illusion. Awakening and ascension is not just for the chosen few for all play their part in this process. Many who are awakened turn their backs on those who are asleep believing they are separate , this is Illusion. There is no separation, for ALL ARE ONE.

We are the Dragon realms and we stand shoulder to shoulder with you. As the dramas unfold and illusion throws out what illusion does best DETACH from it all. Hold the light that is within you and beam it brightly across the planet. Hold each of your fellow humans in love and compassion and realise that many do not understand TRUTH in the way that YOU do. Many will never awaken and this makes them even more in need of the love and compassion that is their birthright. EACH one of you makes a difference, choose to make that difference in LIGHT and not in illusion.

We step back to allow the absorption of our words. ALL REALMS stand ready to help ALL humans through these dramas. Whether it be the angelic realms, the dragon realms, the faerie realms, ASK for the help and it will be given. All is illusion, be aware of it and hold the space for all changes at this time. Major energy flushes are flowing across the planet, this is affecting those who are asleep and thus feeding illusion as those asleep have no way of understanding or absorbing these energies on their own. Use this energy to shine the LOVE that IS brightly across the planet, shine light on darkness and allow all to be illuminated. You are each here as LIGHTworkers, that involves shining your light at all times. We are the Dragon realms. ALL ARE ONE.

copyright Karen Doonan, all rights reserved

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Channelled by : Karen Doonan