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        ~**~  Dear Friends. It is important throughout the ascension process to stay focused on what is real. As far as
predictions go and ancient prophesies, the fact remains that it does not mean it is still going to come to pass. 
The prophesies and predictions were made according to the timeline of a 3rd dimensional world.   
As the world draws closer to living totally in a fifth dimensional existence,  the concept of time is far different.
Many people have already experienced time shifts within their own personal energy field.  
The future is being created not only through the massive downloads of cosmic ascension energies,
but also through the thoughts and actions of each soul including many spiritually awake souls on earth who are at all
different levels of awareness.

        ~**~  What can cause confusion and also a distraction is taking in too much information from outside of yourself.
Yes, there are multitudes who claim to channel this one and that one, but each individual should treat every piece of
information with an attitude of detachment.   With taking every claim to heart  it is setting yourself up for disappointment
or disillusionment in the whole ascension process.     Many fall into this trap, getting frustrated and downhearted when
an event does not happen.    What is real is what is happening in your life in this moment.   

       ~**~    There are very good spiritual teachings concerning the energy work that each soul needs to do to expand
their aura and fill it with light in order to ascend to the next dimension.    This my dear friends is how ascension works.   
When the aura has expanded enough with the light that it no longer can stay in a 3rd dimensional world, it takes the
soul to the next level.    And so on and so on.  
There is no limit as to how far you can expand your aura and ascend to higher dimensions, over time.

        ~**~    Focusing on your spirituality and the necessary work involved is the only way to ascension.  
Ascending is leaving a lower plane of existence to a higher plane of existence.  As the awareness of your divinity
takes hold, so will the awareness that you are being guided by a more advanced aspect called the higher-self.   
The higher-self knows your whole ascension plan and will guide you lovingly through the whole process.   
The mind needs to be free of clutter to be able to feel the prompts from higher-self.  They may be very subtle to
start off with until you get used to the way your higher-self communicates with you.
Your higher-self is your very best friend !     It knows everything that is needed for your earth journey.   
Please friends, take time to listen to what your higher-self is trying to get through to you.   It will never lead you astray,
it only knows Truth and Love.

        ~**~    Please be gentle with yourselves, this is not an easy process as you all have discovered.   
You are always being carefully watched by the angelic beings who surround you each moment of each day, and also
each soul has an ascended master overseeing your every stage.    Do not ever feel that you are alone.  
Always ask for help when you find that life is getting too much for you to cope.    
Have faith that your calls for help are always heard.    
                      ~**~        With blessings of love, peace, joy and serenity, I AM White Tara.      ~**~

                                         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   o  O  o   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Channelled by : white tara