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FEB 2016 UPGRADE STATUS :User profiles and New posts are now working again! Yey! Thank you so much for your patience! PLEASE Post any Issues Here.

Through you the world IS! beloved brothers and sisters, The expression that you ARE, IS alive in the world, it is the I Am that expresses itself through the energy of everything, Everything is you, and you are everything. You are the angels of the future sent Now to bless the Earth with your presence. Holy is your spirit, connected to source through heart. Now is your future, Now is your past, you are all being divinely guided by your spirit friends, both on the Earth and beyond, from elementals to star people, you are never alone, many of you proclaim to be alone, to not hear them, us, but I assure you dear ones, you are not alone.
The Earth may tremble, but you dear ones will always stand on solid ground so long as you remain heart centered, for fear is the only distraction. In this moment you are all feeling the great power of unity, as I have told you dear ones in previous channelings, before moving out of a system of such magnitude, you must first move to one another, to unity, and do you see brothers and sisters of Earth? it is manifesting! see for yourselves! YOU dear ones are creating the change that you wish to see, it is YOU, who are breaking down the barriers and being this change you wish so much for. We of the higher dimensions have spoken to you, many times, on personal levels, we have told you, the power is in your hands, there may be the illusion of separation in your world but you are anything but separated, it is now that many are starting to resonate with the energies of the power of unity.
It is not through us that change comes, we are not your saviors, we are simply your brothers and sisters who are here to support you, we are you and you are us, and consciousness is united as one, all that we can do dear ones, you too are able to do, this too was spoken by your master Christ. It is true! now you are all seeing the evidence of your great power, and it will continue to increase, as the illusion of separation decreases upon your planet, the power of unity will INCREASE more and more, it will build along side the momentum that has been building and building for a very long time, this momentum dear ones works along side you, through and with you, this momentum is the energy of all things, it is the ascension itself which drives this united consciousness, slowly dismantling the veil! did I not say it was you who held all the power? know that we are and always will be here to make sure that nothing will interfere with your planets ascension, we will see to it that your people are protected in all ways possible, you will notice brothers and sisters that we are HERE, we are assisting, as we always have but more now then ever, assisting in ways that can not be seen by the physical eye, but can be felt through the heart, through the spirit, We appear to stand idly by as your world moves from duality to unity but we too are doing our part.
Brothers and sisters of Earth, you are supported by countless star nations, as they say on your Earth, we have your back, the governments of your Earth have been notified that you are to be allowed your ascension with out interference, that the people of planet Earth are protected at all times. Reclaim your divinity and sovereignty with out fear dear ones, their demonstrations will be simply that, demonstrations, you are freed brothers and sisters, freed by your own power, your own will to ascend, to move forward with the spirit of Gaia towards a new Earth of love, peace and abundance for all. I will say it again as I have said in previous messages, you have the power to transform your world! The kingdom of God is within dear ones! Have faith brothers and sisters, and when you begin to loose it, open your eyes, look around, there is much negativity in your world but there is even more positive change occurring, fellow humans are awakening, your world is changing, and know that God the source loves you unconditionally, in the eyes of God you can not fail, you are fragments of God consciousness, and you can not become what you already are dear ones, all you can do is be the expression of it by being heart centered and in this way, you come together, united, and this manifests outwardly, the power has always been in your hands, you simply needed to believe. With all the energies that have come to your Earth, you have remembered.
Previously, it was told to your Earth that some negative aspects in your world were removed from your planet in order to allow your civilization to rise and that once all were removed, the rise of the human race would increase, and so you can see the evidence of this now dear ones, rejoice in your freedom! it will continue until there is only love, until there are no wars, until there are no borders or boundaries, until there is no suffering, no hunger and no poverty and it's all because of you dear ones! we of the higher dimensions would like to take this moment to express how proud we are of you, of how far you have come, of how brave you have all been, we are amazed at how much you have endured, at your courage, and at your ever increasing strength, we salute you people of Earth, we will meet again soon, until then brothers and sisters, continue uniting, and don't be afraid, we are one people, one universe, one love! Remember dear ones, you are the light, you are here.
I Am Cmdr Sheron Of The Ashtar Fleets
Blessings Dear Ones

Channelled by : Yshatar (Ashtar Transmissions)