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Message from Ascended Master, Cha Ara
Channeler: Julie Miller
October 06, 2011
How pleasing it is to be here today, through this blessed child. I am one of the children of Ascended Lady Master, Meta. I work with Saint Germain and other fine Masters to bring in the Golden Age on this fine Earth.
There is so much to discuss dear ones, and we have nothing but time. And what is time? It is a concept that gets you to your appointments, work, school or what have you on time. Besides that, time really has no relevance, but Time has become an important concept for some dear children here on Earth. Too often, I see many; young and old checking watches and clocks, hoping for time to speed up and release them from what is going on at the moment. Time as you know it, cannot be rushed and neither can you rush your journey to finding and discovering your True self and being ONE with God.
Walking the path of God is universal dear ones. There is no one religion exempted or encouraged; ALL is encouraged to walk this path of ONENESS with God. This path is about finding what is important to you and discovering who you are. On this path of ONENESS with God, you develop a pure heart. Even when you thought before your awakening your heart was pure, you will find newer, more creative ways to open your heart further, and allow more of God’s love and light into your being. Living in God’s Light, and in God’s way is living from the PURITY of your heart dear ones.

Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you. (Matthew 6:33)

As you move closer to the Oneness you seek with God, you will learn to become more Christ-like thus discover your Christ Consciousness. Once following in the Lord Jesus’s footsteps you will learn to sidestep Satan and his evils that he will tempt you with, as you will choose the love that is in your heart and the love of God. The cross you carry is forever in your heart dear ones and this belief in the love of God and his son will shine forth when you call upon it. Listen to God and give yourself to his light and listen to his guidance. God will not guide you astray. The love God will shine down on your will lighten your path. Many dear children seek to be Christ-like and this can be achieved through obedience to God’s Will. There is no quick way to enlightenment or wisdom, bliss or glory. All is learned when it’s meant to. Like I mentioned in the beginning; TIME is irrelevant. Embrace all that is before you and learn your lessons. Become more and more selfless and begin living and loving on a daily basis from your heart that has learned to love ALL mankind unconditionally, just as God does.
When you are discovering your TRUE self, you will have the realization at some point that YOU ARE a Divine Being and you have all the qualities of being God-Like because you were made in God’s likeness. Such wonderful discoveries lay ahead dear ones. And I am excited for you at every step you take. You will reach each new discovery as you pass through each lesson. You will, piece by piece recreate yourself In God’s Light. This recreation process will bring you much peace of your body, mind and soul.
The path, you already have learned is no easy path. When you are discovering your TRUE self, you learn more than just the good; you learn all errors that are your opportunity to correct. This path offers you to surrender your selfless self to the Love of God and move forward to your Higher Self. As you seek your guides for guidance, support and love; seek God for additional strength and courage. Include God in the process of your healing; as well as the Virgin Mother and the Lord Jesus. They are all part of your Divine Family. Let them into your heart. There is no other love and comfort like the love you will receive from your GLORIOUS family.
I am finishing here to say you may call upon me when you are struggling with on your journey and you need to be guided to further knowing your Divine Mission. Know in your hearts dear ones that I love you greatly and very deeply. There is no boundary between my affection for all of you. Blessings to All!
Ascended Master, Cha Ara 

Channelled by : Julie Miller
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