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YOU Are an Abundance of Love Energy
Message from Melchizedek
Channeled by: Julie Miller
January 01, 2012

Blessings dear sweet children of God on this new born day of the New Year - 2012. And what a year it will be. As all things beginning with ‘New’, there is much to look forward to and so much to anticipate. All around you holds many wonderful possibilities for change that is for the greatest of good that will serve not only you, but mankind as a whole. Taking the first step towards the change, filled with love from the highest order that is forever linked with God and your Heart Center is where you begin.

Linking your heart energy with the source of God allows you to draw the love giving energies of God onto the Earth to encourage and grow a higher frequency of love healing energy that will assist mankind to reach newer levels of their love potential as Divine Beings. You must access positive thought form and emotion and maintain equal balance in all the many aspects that make the wonderful you that you are. Once these are activated and awakened then the ability to self-heal will begin from past traumas or negative insecurities. You will be able to bring yourself out of the darkness from your own positive thoughts and new way of thinking.

There are many techniques that will assist igniting your Love Frequency to higher octaves and one method is Merkaba. Many of you already know of this method. There are many meditations that will assist in the activation of your Merkaba field and of its maintenance. Like all things, balance is required dear ones. Your heart awakens and opens to more unconditional love during the healing sessions given by your own findings and ways that suit your individual needs, and by your guides and angels.

The Light that is growing within the Heart of God and within yourself is your Inner-Light - the Threefold Flame. Within your Threefold Flame is a wealth, a richness of ideal wisdom that is waiting for you to discover and share your Inner Knowledge with ALL that you can. Infuse others with the light that is aglow inside of your dear hearts. Each of you is carriers of light, and the Light is a beholding sight, such is your love that is unequivocally compassionate and pure.

The energy of my being is accessible by all levels of your spiritual growth and purpose. Outlining what it is you require from accessing the frequency of the energy that surrounds me and the Universe is for all of you is all that is required. There have been many times already when you have accessed this frequency and I have gladly surrounded you with the healing energy of my spirit. Every time you contact the energies that are enfolded within me, you are not receiving only the parts of me you require, but the complete energy package that will assist healing on all levels of your spiritual needs.

I encourage you to continue to access these energies along your journey. You are continuing to build the foundation together that will bring constant change to the world. Tap into all the uplifting energies that you can to enable this dear ones. As your heart and love continues to grow and open to new heights of awareness you will often find yourself feeling vulnerable from time-to-time. Do not hide this dear ones; it is not a bad thing to feel this opened when your heart is accessing so much love energy. Take the time to feel your heart expand and embrace the idea that you are spiritually climbing once again.

Our dear vessel is feeling this vulnerability of late, and finds meditation helpful. You will be drawn to the healing methods that are most suited for you. As your heart heals, grows, expands and lets in more light, you will be discovering how to love yourself the way we do, the way I do. Before you can love others with your unconditional loving heart, you must love yourself equally. Take as much time as you need to process this love for yourself. Your journey is not a race as there is no finish line. You will reach your Divine Destiny, each of you when it’s Your Divine Time.

As I prepare to close, I am thrilled to be here with our Divine vessel, conversing with all of you on the first day of the New Year. Each of you brings me so much joy and pleasure when we collaborate on progressing towards further enlightenment on your spiritual journey. Continue to embrace the many facets of your life fully and completely. You will be rewarded for your efforts dear ones; do not doubt this as I do NOT ever doubt you or your abilities.

And so it is, Melchizedek through Julie Miller


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