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I did not speak as much about relationship with source. I spoke more about oneness.
Oneness with what is now called Christ. Oneness with Source.
Oneness with the Christ Consciousness and within that oneness with Source.

We find in christianity at this time an emphasis on relationship with Christ and Source, and less emphasis on realization of our essential oneness with Christ Consciousness. and within that Source,
or, as we would put it, simply, oneness with Source.
This brand of inner journeying is not generally overtly encouraged, and yet all is within.

Relationship is good and tends to be received and understood at one's current frequency levels of conceiving and understanding.

An additional alternative is to ascend the levels of our spiritual being and our "levels in Source" drawing ever closer in inner experience and understanding to the highest frequencies within our being. This allows the most complete understanding or personal experience of our Self within Source. Another way to describe this is to be ever experiencing maximum resonation with Source within.

Even at it's best, human language is duality based. Words are not compassion. Words are not love. True compassion and true love are a spiritual body so to speak and as such do not mimic the language reality, not subject to its coming and goings.
Language is not reality. Originally, language was simply a descriptive system, not seen , as it often is today, as having actual power and reality. It doesn't even really have that much power beyond what our personal and group structures assign to it. As mankind lost its connections it relied more on language, and also began to assign realities and powers to the words themselves, which are not actually the case.

For maximum resonation, one would seek maximum ascension within.


as received by hilarion

January 4, 2012


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