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FEB 2016 UPGRADE STATUS :User profiles and New posts are now working again! Yey! Thank you so much for your patience! PLEASE Post any Issues Here.


Brightest Blessings Be to You!
The Door is OPEN ~ a New space ~ NEW EARTH … venturing into, yet uncharted territories … we are each enabled … more importantly, empowered! Every breath … every smile … every tear … every expression has been catalystic to this Moment of NOW Presence!
Your Heart ~ ~ ~ your expressions begin in Your Heartspace here upon New Earth!
NOW is the time to align your focus with your Heartspace … becoming fully cognizant of the Moment of NOW and its enrichment! This is where each powerpoint is manifested and realized realities!
We have come to NEW Awareness levels of what it is to FEEL what brings Peace * Kindness * Compassion * Joy into our sacred spaces ~ if we are experiencing any other feelings “less than” … this is a momentous moment to Stop and transmute … to release what it is that brings a “lower vibratory” feeling … always best to address it in the Moment of NOW … than to put off to another moment … these moments only seem to grow into a much more convoluted space IF we do not address them when they appear! LET GO of that which does not serve your Highest Vibration!
NEW EARTH is NOW … it is as much a state of mind as it is what we are creating … and striving for in the higher vibrations of ALL Moments …
The BEGINNING of NEW EARTH is the BEGINNING of NOW ~ we are All Co-Creating within our high vibrational streams of light, realities of our BEingness!
There are many Lights that are beginning to SHINE … to Awaken to their Divine ~ YOU are in proximity to these Soul Lights. Around you there is a NEW sense of awareness. You have insight, You are woven to the roots of Earth Mother, following your own inner GPS navigation system … you are ALWAYS precisely where you are to BE! You might become or feel swayed at times of “is this really Happening” ~~~ or ~~~ “am I truly Feeling this” … YOU ARE ~ Most Definitely!

Vividly, you are experiencing moments that once, were only a far away thought. You experienced a life in a very dense capacity, many times, struggling to rise out of that space … to come to the realization of surrender… when I surrender, allowing my path to carry my spirit forth, I remove those blocks. My Soul / Your Soul creates the ease and grace of allowance. Ideas come from out of nowhere ~ people show up in your life ~ something appears to ALLOW the bounds and blocks to fall away. Note that when this happens on your Journey ~ it is UNCONDITIONAL ~ without attachments for an outcome … it just IS ~ (I.n S.pirit) ~ your true and Divine Essence ~ Shining … Soul Shining ~ for that is who and what You truly are ~ a Luminous Light created of ONLY LOVE … remembering and reacquainting with Great Source Spirit ~ returning to your natural eternal state of infinite BEIngness!
As Body Temples upgrade their states of sensitivity ~ you have begun to notice ALL energy fields … in ALL Earthly and etheric Kingdoms ~ you “feel” a stones vibration ~ you might visually see the “glows * auras” of the plant kingdom (trees, flowers, vegetables) ~ as you raise your frequency … those “sights never seen” … are now becoming visible and not only visible … absolutely m*a*g*I*c*a*l!
A state of perpetual Inner Joy is becoming more so than less so ~ Gratitude leads this path!
The ear tones have been exceptionally intense, elevated and accelerated! We can always ask our Spirit Guides to lessen the impacts of these high frequencies coming in ~ albeit, I look around my immediate space, my thoughts, my locale ~ WHAT is going on? WHAT is happening? Do I need to direct my attention or become cognizant of something in this space? Trust is absolutely key to understanding!
The tones serve as upgrades to the Body Temple … the tones relay frequencies to our neurons * cells … remember, you are fully capable of HEALING ANY issues within your Body Temple. It is about being FULLY Aware and letting go of that space … integrating Divine LOVE within Your Soul! Many a “miracles” are happening ~ the higher the frequency you have empowered ~ the higher the energy you are radiating … sending forth to ALL that you connect to and with!!

As we transition onto New Earth … physically … we are feeling an array of symptoms ~ some call it “ascension flu” … when you are out of sorts … it is not a pleasant space to be …

Tummy aches (feelings) * headaches (upgrading higher tones and vibrations) * body aches (indicative of clearing “old” karma crumbs) * skin issues (not understanding) * sleep (integrations) * emotions (crying / angry outbursts / panic attacks) ~

When the Body Temple speaks … LISTEN … ASK … RECEIVE … LET GO … RELEASE ~ You always have the empowerment to HEAL.

As we become Multidimensional … our Body Temples are undergoing massive changes … the good thing … You are now enabled to HEAL those once pained places and reverse AGING … you ARE getting Younger … those NEW Bliss cells are creating a NEW YOU … INSIDE OUT ~ OUTSIDE IN!!
A new Lightness is felt as we witness the “old ways” … our Light Eyes SEE New Earth … we see through the eyes of our Souls … and in that, we see the perfection of how each energy unfolds … this bringing us the wherewithal to “rise above” any adversities … to approach a dense space with a “Lighter” touch ~ we have all come to realize the tug-o-wars ~ the constant angers and anxieties ~ the complacencies ~ no longer serve our sacred spaces. It is imperative to stand and SHINE OUR LIGHT ~ this is NEW EARTH NOW!

We are in spaces of Light ~ there is NO separation ~ there are No Boundaries!





You are many strands of luminosity, of Light … Align each strand in the direction of that which you FEEL … perceive a thought of … connect to ~ these strands are the Multidimensional Beingness of YOU ~ ALL THAT YOU TOUCH or DESIRE to CREATE!!
BE that LIGHT YOU SHINE, You came to BE … in ALL WAYS creating this NEW EARTH ~


Your Heart, Your Guide * Your Soul, Your Strengths
My Heart
shares with
Your Heart~

Channelled by : courtland ♥