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FEB 2016 UPGRADE STATUS :User profiles and New posts are now working again! Yey! Thank you so much for your patience! PLEASE Post any Issues Here.

Hello Fae'rae I would like information on February. I see you as magenta pink light particles from source, and that is perfect.

The Fae'rea: We feel something new and big coming in for the month. It will cease to be a month, that construct is dying as is all time. It happens in the brain you will see, reality is created within. And your hyperspace happens by traveling within your own mind through your myriad of perceptions.

I am being shown a bunch of doors, like trap doors that open to different parts of the brain. I see a line, like a cord or a rope, traveling between the doors like a three dimensional maze, a cord through different doors, a timeline maze. Follow your own timeline. Create what feels resonant with the depth of your soul, not even positive as that implies negative. Go with the deep feeling of being within yourself and go deeper still to deep stillness. I see the pond with ripples outward, you are the center of the circles traveling outward.

What of this month coming and the big thing being birthed? It is your inwardness. The core of you expresses through the body, to the outside world. This is being birthed in a profound way.

How will this look?

Imagine light sparkles on the water in sunlight. Little bursts of sun sparkles. It will feel like consuming these sparkles as food. If feels joyful and magical and childlike, like a tinkling of bells.

It will be a new dimension a new way of being that you have not yet tasted, ever.

You (the scribe and perceiver of us) are starting to feel it, just a few hours ago you were disconcerted at your lack of attention and didn't know where to focus in the flow. Now you see that you can trust the flow of your attention and where you choose places it in the center of you and it creates from there. You choose your focus. You are the core. You are the focus. You are the withinness.

Okay, I hear you. I feel it in my heart and my heart wants to grow and expand into more space.
You have room for all these possibilities you are surfing them.

It is like an ocean lives in you and you can swim where you like. You are amazed at the beauty of this new world you are looking up at the sun and feeling sun's rays down below. You are guided toward the light so let that be your own light.

Dance in the light of yourself and your truth.

Each little door holds a room of experience. You taste the experience and move on to where you are flowing. You can stay as long or short as you like but there is a flow as frequency and it stems from your instinct, your intuition and your inner guidance which is deeply listening to your soul and has put aside worldly pursuits. You are the flow, and in this flow, interact with the world and accomplish your souls mission. Trust this this is a new way of being.

Dear ones, there is no struggle is involved, no trying. Aren't you happy you have left struggle behind for a feeling of floating to your destination? Trust your are headed in the right direction because of the feeling in your heart. We says to simply expand into all the places you are led to and your soul wants to go.

We are the Fae'rea.

What of this week? This week is getting used to the new energies, that of Neptune in Pisces then comes the full moon on Monday. We bring a new change we are the messengers of change. As messengers of change, you can say that we are a breeze. You can see us as a white horse with wings. With wings named Quicksilver. Invite this into your being, this mythic creature of transformation. Have a relationship with changing ground that is completely in flux. Get ready for the structures of the old world being uprooted and flowing down a river, yet it seems like a magical river of quicksilver taking with it cracked cement piling represent everything worn out and no longer needed. See it float out to see as we stand collectively at the shore in hopefulness. We are at the beginning of a new way of being. We live inside you in the mythic realm we are the connector, the portal, the stargate, to that realm.

Next there is a period of getting your feet wet, finding your balance in this new realm. We see you on the shore stepping in deeper despite the surf coming in. You are getting comfortable and you toddle sometimes even fall and feel clueless. You have moments of unsureness, but you are finding your way. You are holding your hand to your heart and tuning in. What does this moment ask of me?

The fifteenth of February is a huge turning point, no let call it a tipping point to good, to more positive universe personal and collective. It is like the feeling 11/11/11. Get excited! Feel your inner anticipation. Expect change. You are comfortable in flow and now we call you to let yourself be go with it. Surrender to change and the dismantling of what you thought was your life. You are always supported as you flow and float. Do not fight the current of this reshuffling, this reorganizing of who and what you are individually and collective. All are being called to the perfect next place for them to launch off from and dive in deep to who they really are. Trust, surrender, letting yourself go with the tide are the lessons this month.Those who cling to the shore and the old ways of being are going to have difficulty. You will be called to jump in and go under and get yourself wet to find the new way of being.

We see you walk in one door on a carousel and come out another on the other side. It is like a stage that rotates. You are a new character and ready for the momentous shift after the fifteenth in the latter half of the month.

Let us take a look at week four. It feels expansive and mind blowing and lots of light patterns and fireworks and celebration and a feeling of “finally,” what you have been waiting for, and a feeling of truth coming out, all of which is a huge relief. You were not crazy after all, but others may be having their heads spin who didn't see anything coming consciously. You giggle inside at vindication. The 29th is a day out of time, it is a rare day as it happens once every four years, to have the twenty ninth of February. But in truth, it happens once ever in history. You are in a new world, a new paradigm. Life has exploded and gotten very different, vividly colorful and surreal.

Week four is something big. I see a letting go, a completion, a release. That releasing maybe it is our new selves and the releasing is our hold on reality as it shifts so completely this coming month.

February 2012 will fly by and it will have a remarkable energy to it that is transformational. Synchronicity is at an all time high. Keep surfing the flow and trust yourself to follow the breadcrumbs left by your soul. Doing so, following hunches, will really pay off.

Early March is new ground. It is something I can't even talk about as it feels so different yet so good. It isn't boring, we assure you. Good news. You will feel relief from having traversed a thousand miles but having been carried the whole way.

~the Fae'rea are a new collective of guides that have come through from the archangelic realm. It feels like they are a frequency of compassion, divine feminine creator energy, the light at the center of the galaxy if you have seen that photo, a fairy energy, and they appear as pink light particles in my vision and are with me always. I call on them for guidance, assistance, and communion. I have been told they are a blending of all soul group rays in the spectrum of colors, thought they appear as pink. They may be related to the new chakra of the high heart that is formed. Most of all, The Fae'rea are here to help us embody unconditional love.

~Luminance River

Akashic Intuitive Readings for Lightworkers

I am greatly inspired by Lisa Galwas' recent channeling, astrology reports for the month, the shift of Neptune into Pisces with intuition as key, and the mega solar flare on the January 27th that is historic in its magnitude. I am inspired by my soul family here at lightworkers and am grateful to have found you and connected with you.

Channelled by : Luminance River
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