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Your bodies are adjusting, what’s next?

This is the time where many things will start to happen at once.

As your physical body is adjusting you will see more and more spiritual connection within yourself and this connection is to be used for the process that is coming closer at this time.

As you have followed many of the channeling and the different scenarios you will understand that many plans have been offered and many plans are possible at this time.

The most optimal plan that you have chosen is where all humans upon earth will ascend. It has already been decided and accomplished for all other beings, plants, animals etc., to ascend into the 5th dimension, as the earth herself will move into an even higher frequency with your help.

You came to earth with many plans and options, as the progress and process of these plans were and are still adjusted.

At this moment we see that there are enough of you awake to accomplish the task at hand, and the most optimal plan can be accomplished.

We know this is going to be a challenge as the physical body will still be going through many adjustments to move into the 5th dimensional frequency.

We would like you to know that these plans are not decided by any of us in the higher realms, they are completely your choice as you made the decision to incarnate upon earth at this time.

I know many have questions about what it will be like within the 5th dimension, what about the so called dark ones, are they going as well?

Every human being upon earth is informed and knows about this plan.

They have the choice still, like each of you have, to move into the 5th dimensional reality at this time. Some will choose to move, some will leave before the shift, just like some others will leave because they cannot adjust to the physical changes.

You have to realize that some of the control groups already are within or beyond the 5th dimension within their frequencies so this is something you will have to deal with still.

The difference will be that everyone will move into a 5th dimensional frequency that will bring in changes as far as awareness and understanding of what is happening through the control system that is upon earth at this moment.

The other difference is that much of what was used to control you cannot be used within the 5th dimensional frequency.

Things like the grids that are used at this moment to spread fear and unrest will not move with the earth, so the support system they have built for themselves to control will not be present upon earth as you shift and move through the portal into the 5th dimension.

This is due to the fact that much of their control system will be taken over by a small group that has the knowledge to bring back the original blueprint that was supporting you when humans started incarnating upon earth, as well as adjustments that are needed to support the move into the 5th dimension.

This is why the new crystalline grid system is being built around the earth and not within the earth; this is also needed for the earth herself is moving to a different dimensional frequency than most humans.

Timing is of the utmost importance as everything is being done at the last moment to have the minimal effects of outside influences that can interfere with what you have set out to accomplish.

Right now many of you are in a moment of waiting, waiting for the changes to happen. Some of you can feel the changes, others can see the changes, all depending upon your own choices.

You can see the changes in the openness of others as they start sharing more, discussing more, and more information and understanding is coming in for many of you.

As you move deeper into the understanding that you really are the creators of this and any future reality, we now would like for you to focus on the creator within you.

Timing is everything and within the time available upon earth within the 3rd dimensional reality reaching up to the zero point, timing is even more important as the changes will start to happen faster and faster.

This is not just about the changes happening within the physical body, it is about the energies that are becoming available to assist you and support you in making the changes and adjustments needed right now to move all into the 5th dimensional reality.

It is also a time of choices and decisions within your own being, as you become deeper connected within and become a more conscious partner within your own being, to make the choice as to where, and how far you want to go within the dimensional frequencies.

I know some of you are worried about leaving behind loved ones, not being able to assist loved ones. These worries are unnecessary as the physical frequencies extend into the 12th dimension, and even if you plan on moving out of the physical reality you will have the ability to move back and in fact you will be able to move back and forth between a physical and non-physical appearance.

Within family units, even if only one person is working on spiritual awakening and moving into higher dimensional frequencies, all other family members will follow into that same frequency.


Through Petra Margolis
February 15, 2012


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