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Brightest LOVE Blessings!


As the portals open ~ we are all being squeezed through such tiny spaces ~ like a vice grip tightening the space ~ the energies are forcing us to become precisely aware of our surroundings ~ ~ ~ of our Present Moments ~ and if you are in spaces that are not within those empowered Moments of NOW … you are most definitely FEELING this “vibrational vacuum” ~ like being sucked through the neck of a bottle ~ those remnants of old are finding every which way to flee your BEingness ~ WHY?  Because your frequency field … can no longer sustain their presence within your SOULspace!!  While it may sound pretty simple … many Lightworkers are feeling this on practically EVERY level … and this is due to the opening of the Portals … for you CANNOT take with YOU that of the LOWER vibrational energies … there is NOTHING to sustain their presence in the Higher realms! 





The dreamstate is now very lucid and spilling over into our awakened states of consciousness … many are realizing a stasis … being in multi dimensions throughout their days ~ AND nights … for we have moved into “timelessness” … where we are sleeping as needed … rather than when required or the “usual” sleep time.  Many are finding a WHOLE NEW WORLD in the silent dark stillness of early morning ~ there is magic there ~ before the sun rises!



Many are feeling that they are “prepping” for change … when in fact, we have long been prepping or preparing for NOW … it is like the “dress rehearsal” ~ the curtain (the veil) … is lifting ~ expeditiously!  If you are not “ready” ~ you will be shortly …for you are being  Guided now by NEW Energies … not the ones from before that assisted with releasing and transmuting of the old ~ these energies are the ones that will carry us into the NEW space we have Created from where we have ventured!  It is uncomfortable … it is difficult at times … it is discombobulating .~ ~ ~ to say the least, HOWEVER, it is short lived ~ it is moving at a rapid pace so as not to become entwined in “old stagnations” … there is no room or time for old! 


NEW  is the NOW … and where you are on your Own personal Journey is Perfect!  What can you do to make it simpler? Strive for JOY … for PEACE, KINDNESS, COMPASSION … these are the “points of Light” that assure each, our frequency field!  SEE your reality through your SOUL EYES … what appears in your Consciousness is your Reality ~ CHOOSE WISELY ~ KNOW that each and every Soul upon Earth Mother, ventures here by way of their Soul contracts.  There are so many newly awakened  Souls that are coming into light now … remembering that so many LightWorkers have been on path for several years ~ many are having these “instantaneous awakenings”,  literally overnight … and their whole worlds are turned every which way ~ it is Us, those that paved the paths … to be here, to share our Hearts … to reach out and lend comfort… to reassure and hold dear their fragile feelings ~ ~ ~ It is not always easy to extend one that might be very combative or even vengeful ~ when we practice Compassion and Peace ~ it lends to tolerance.  When we come from a space of Kindness and Compassion with no attachment to that space ~ be it rejected ~ you release or let go of that energy KNOWING WITHIN yourself … it was NOT YOURS to CONNECT to or with … and it is realized there need not be any harboring of ill feelings or anxieties towards the Soul … quite the opposite actually ~ it is released with the greatest of Love ~ that this Soul is enabled to find what they seek!!  We are not here to “fix” or “change” another ~ we are here to SERVE One Another!  It’s all Good!  Holding one responsible for another is not what we are here to create ~ we are here to enable OURSELVES … which ultimately enables us to SERVE others!   Serving Great Spirit!



Those that are opting to return Home ~ are returning Home by their Soul agreements and whilst it is very hard for us Here to sometimes understand a departure ~ our Souls KNOW!  We commend those that have come before us and paved paths of their beautiful expressions ~ to be in a unwavering state of Gratitude for the unveiling of each present Moment ~ allows us to FLOW much more smoothly … even making those “speed bumps” a bit more bearable!  This is a first for ALL ~ we are the Pioneers of Spirit ~ each Mastering these Body Temples ~ BEcoming Light Temples of Consciousness ~ the most INCREDIBLE LIGHT LIVES IN EVERY SOUL ~ We are ALL SO BLESSED and Such BEAUTIFUL BEINGS ~ ALL one need do is wake up … every day … every morning … Look into a mirror and say **THANK YOU for BEING ME ~ THANK YOU GOD** ~ that my Brothers and Sisters … is what it is to **TURN ON YOUR LOVELIGHT**!  We might not realize … quite yet, that EVERY ENCOUNTER, even that little blog post of “I care” or “thank you” ~ ~ ~  is a SOUL CONNECTION!! Knowing this … wow … how empowering is that … right down to that kid that might bag your groceries … that SMILE … is a Soul Connection!



EVERY EXTENSION OF YOU … EVERY ENCOUNTER … EVERY EXPRESSION ~ ~ ~ is a SOUL CONNECTION!  Think about that ~~~ WOW … every single time … you extend, express, experience, encounter another Soul … any SOUL … is a SOUL CONNECTION ~ now let that be your EMPOWERMENT in the moments to Become ~



Might be a bit uncomfortable at times ~ YOU have the TOOLS to overcome ANY and ALL obstacles that might get in your way ~ they begin within YOUR HEART ~ they connect through your SOUL!!



Our Hearts ~ Our Guides  Our Souls, Our Strengths!




From My Heart

Shared with


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Channelled by : courtland ♥


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