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Plant Seeds of Love~ Archangel Metatron

This angel message with archangel metatron is also available as a free .mp3 download here;
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Greetings, beloved one, indeed, I, Archangel Metatron, am here and present with you now. You are greeted with the energy of divine love, with a vortex of peace, of compassion, of hope. Let these vibrations into your experience, let yourself open to the love that is all around. Let love flow all around you cleansing you, lifting you, and attuning you to welcome more divine love, more hope, more goodness into your experience. Dearest, you are, indeed, at the dawn of a new day, a new moon, a new beginning, a new opportunity for you from this place of being surrounded by darkness to tune into the unending source of light, of warmth, and of creation that lies within you.
Indeed, you are a creator. Indeed, you are a multifaceted spiritual being. For you exist now in this realm of physical and you exist beyond this as well. Your consciousness spans many dimensions, both by which you are aware and those in which you tune into through your dreams and your subconscious mind, your meditative journeys. And know that while all unique, all aspects of you intertwine in one, one energy, the same oneness flowing throughout prime source and throughout all that is.
Relax consciously now as you open your heart and your mind and your spirit to unite with this one, with this one source, this light of oneness connecting source to all beings, connection you, physical being, and spiritual light, to all that is. And through this, your simple connection, you see, through simply recognizing that you are a part of all that is, you are all that is, it is in you, you are it. And as you realize this, much power to create, to influence, and to design the world around you becomes available. And as you are at a point of new beginning, this wavelength is strengthened, your ability to embark upon a journey of your choosing. For, indeed, you are here to learn and to grow. You are here to share your unique light and your unique energy signature with the one energy that you are connected with and you are a part of.
In every moment you are contributing, your every thought, your every worry, your every fear, your every intention and inspiration combine in every moment. What are you sending out? What are you creating through the energy signature you broadcast out into the world? Is this what you most desire or is there a divine realignment needed to bring you into alignment? To bring you more centered into a place of compassion, of hope, and of knowing that all things are possible for you in this now and in every now.
You are no longer limited by the constraints of your mind. When you let go of conscious thought, you are able to enter into your heart and embrace your pure connection to source, for ultimately… Remember now… Feel, and experience that you are one, you are all. You are one with I who speak these words, you are one with all that is, and when you recognize this, when you allow it to radiate through your being, to awaken you, to enliven you, when you can see this oneness and feel this now and know that you are an essential and necessary component, you are meant to be here in this physical, in this now, on this earth, for your learning and your growth, indeed, influence all.
Indeed, your connection to all that is remains strong regardless of what you are thinking or believing or doing. And so when you align yourself, when you recognize this, when you realize that you are an active participant and that you truly do make a difference and you open your heart and claim your light flowing more love, more compassion towards your self, towards those who you relate to, and to all beings. This energy field around you, this, your energy center, your energy signature, becomes aligned with divine. And so now, you are invited to simply relax and open, to simply enter inward and connect with the one source energy flowing throughout all that is, in you. And as you do this, we angels come down and offer you the light of dawn, the light of the sun, and the light of the moon combined. Let this light illuminate your entire perspective and being. Let this light dissolve into it all particles of thought or emotion so that density is lightened up, so that your energy signature becomes infused with complete source and oneness. This oneness blessing that need not be formal or structured, this oneness that you are able to simply let flow throughout your being. And by simply being in this energy yourself, by simply flowing with love and compassion and recognition of the one energy that unites all, your energy changes, your signature changes to influence this one, to uplift all that is, to add your important light in a way that can serve all, in a way that leads to the continued opening of you and of all beings. This is your most valuable purpose now, to bring more of your light, more of your spiritual, angelic self always connected to one source, always connected to all that is, remembering the wisdom and knowledge of your soul, of your full light. Bring this into the physical. This is not only a spiritual objective, for you see, you are in physical form and so your full light expressed in this realm is one which desires to create, to make a difference, to interact, and to bring goodness into the lives of others. You are here to create in energy and in physical with the oneness all around you, within you, tune into this one again for know that it serves you in contributing that which is most needed at this time. Your light, indeed, makes a difference not only in your life, but in the realm of all that is.
In every moment if you are able to begin to quieting your mind and activating the wisdom, the knowing, and the inspiration of your heart and your spirit, letting this flow through, then, indeed, improvement will be felt for all beings on earth. We have said and we shall repeat again, you are at the dawn of a new day, a new moon, a new cycle begins now in which you are united with the balance of your true self, balanced masculine and feminine, balanced physical and spiritual. Indeed, balanced in all ways, in all forms, in all methods. This balance will usher you into the new, will usher you into a place where you can most serve. One step at a time and one moment at a time as you open your heart and your mind and your spirit and unite with your full light grounding this into the physical form, you will receive inspirations and thoughts and ideas about how you can serve all beings, about how you can bring more clarity and joy and vibrancy into your life. And as you do this, your life improves, yes, and the lives of those around you progress on the path of awakening, on the path of all humanity and all consciousness, of all creatures, and of all dimensions relating and realizing the connection to each other, of being centered in love and centered in one.
Take a deep breath, open your heart, and just feel now, just know, just experience your connection to all that is. You are a part of it, you are one with it, and as you embrace this, you radiate in this, as you accept this and celebrate this, you will be guided from your place of quiet mind and open heart, from your place of eagerly wanting to assist all that is. You will be guided detailedly and intricately with the knowing, with the direction, and with the ideas that you can impart into physical form. Dearest one, your light, your unique ideas, your unique energy signature is needed. And so let this flow forth, let yourself contribute to the greater whole, let yourself in every moment radiate the love and blessing and peace that is needed by all of humanity. As the change in you begins to progress and multiply, so too does the awakening of all beings begin to reach a new level. There is a tipping, a point, that rapidly approaches, a tipping point in which the collective consciousness is more awake than asleep, is more centered in love than fear.
Know that your own progression and ascension, your own upliftment through directly connecting with source yourself, through meditating and inviting the love of your angels and guides in, through uniting with this and flowing it throughout all of existence. You bring humanity closer to the new paradigm and new earth in which all beings are consciously aware of the one, of love, of connection, and therefore decisions and actions are made on behalf of individuals but in line with what serves all. Conscious of with what serves earth, and humanity as a collective, all beings in further aligning with spirit, with love, and with the one source flowing throughout all that is.
You are an essential part of the upliftment and awakening process. As you begin this new cycle, plant seeds that you desire and pull out the weeds of doubt and anxiety that no longer serve. Pull them out, release them into the light, and replace past fears with an empowered new perspective of what you are able to accomplish, you as an individual and you as a spiritual light connected to all that is.
Your every moment makes a difference, use your moments wisely. Unite with source and turn away from the doubt, blame, and negativity of ego. Surrender to the ever unflowing progression of the world around you and yet, take the reigns and take control, for your conscious contribution is needed, your light makes a difference.
And so… Embark and begin, flow blessings of thoughts and of intentions into your world, watch them form around you. Dearest, you are so loved and in this new stage of your unfoldment, you are more powerful than ever before. Let your light flow freely, let compassion flow freely, and let love flow freely, for these are the most powerful forces available to you for opening to your full spiritual power and for completely aligning with who you really are and what you are meant to contribute.
You are love and you are so loved. Open your heart and contribute love to all that is and soon you will notice that those around you, those you know and those you do not know are benefiting and are opening from your positive co creative choices. Your energy signature creates a ripple that flows through your life, and throughout all that is. Is this ripple you are initiating for the better? Are you serving humanity? Refocus your intention, meditate, return to love. This is what you can contribute, this is your lasting legacy. I, Metatron, leave you with an unlimited supply of love. Simply tune in and know that all is well and know that the growth that you experience now in this cycle ends not with you, but can benefit all. And so choose wisely your thoughts, plant seeds of love, and continue forward an empowered being aware of your own intentions and desires in life and have these achievements flow throughout all that is, influence all that is. You are a part of all that is, you are one with it. Claim this power, consciously create blessings through simply uniting with, embracing, and flowing more love. I, Metatron, am complete. I leave you with my blessing. Goodbye for now.

Channelled by : Melanie Beckler


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