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Exercise Your Willpower and Self-Discipline
Ascended Master, El Morya’s Weekly Message ~ October 23 – 30, 2012
Channeled by: Julie Miller
October 23, 2012

Have any of you asked to yourself or quietly aloud for more self-discipline or to reach a deeper and more profound inner strength? Do you admire the many dear souls that have demonstrated great inner strength and willpower while overcoming great hurdles? Do you often wish you yourself had such determinations to follow through certain decisions? You do have what it takes to overcome all adversity. All power comes from within dear ones, from deep belief in yourself and in your faith in God, or any other deity that resonates deep within your precious hearts.
Do you know beloveds that it is normal and quite common for someone to be born without inner strength? This is an area that can be developed and honed just like any other skill you have achieved. Comprehend where your inner strength comes from. Your inner-strength contains your drive, self-discipline, willpower, perseverance, objectivity, the ability to focus and your peace of mind. Willpower and self-discipline are extremely important and indispensable for all aspects of your life to proceed with great success. Both are able to be learned through a methodical way created by you.
First beloveds understand that Willpower is your ability to choose and make decisions, act or react no matter what the conflict of the task or the decision that is in front of you. This can easily manifest, as an ability that will affect slothfulness, lures towards negative habits and to proceed with any necessary action even disagreeable that must be met during a difficult situation.
Your ability to discard any kind of instant indulgence or pleasure for something better or a higher achievement is Self-Discipline. This will manifest as the part of your strength that has you following through all actions or intentions regardless of the challenges, trials or tribulations. Self-discipline is an area worthy of mastery. Self-discipline grants your inner-strength to move your energy and focus to the goal you have been working on, bringing it to completion through perseverance and unwavering dedication.
Willpower and Self-discipline are required beloveds in order to have an effective hold on all your activities and choices you have decided upon. The two of these skills are necessary when you are aiming to be successful, to demonstrate the seriousness of your efforts, even if those efforts are business related, losing weight, self-improvements, spiritual development and nearly all other aspects of your life require both skills working simultaneously.
You can further develop these skills beloveds at any time along your journey and by further developing these important skills you also attain a deeper and greater inner strength. Simple yet very effective to improving your Willpower and Self-discipline - say NO to the urge to satisfy unimportant or unhealthy desires and instead do things that are useful that you often resist doing. When you learn to overcome any inner conflict or resistance you end up developing your inner power and strength.
When you reject desires and actions that are harmful and unnecessary that can sometimes be contradictory to your normal habits you are actually tightening and re-strengthening your own inner strength. Every challenge and hurdle you overcome truly does make you stronger and like any exercise routine, the more you practice with Willpower and Self-discipline the better your results.
There are many ways you can practice the use of Willpower and Self-discipline and incorporate both into your life in all you do. Make a conscious effort to not criticize others. Remember each of you are all here to fulfill your own divine purpose, be respectful and compassionate. At any time there is opportunity for an angry response slow it down; don’t allow your emotions to rule you. Change some of your normal routines occasionally. Choose to not watch your favourite sitcom or television drama when they are due to be on. Do something different, even read a book that is filled with good information but normally quite boring and see how long you can endure reading the words of something that does not have your interest.  There are lots of things you can do that will challenge your Willpower and Self-discipline just like some of the ones I just suggested and in turn these skills will increase your inner-strength and inner-power beloveds.
Also duly note when you are accessing your inner-power you are also involving your intuition and when you use this beautiful gift you enter into the essence of the universe. Your intuition is mainly about how you ‘feel’ about anything and your intuition helps to bring about the wisdom that you have been taught through your many life experiences. Your intuitive feelings beloveds are guided by your inner-voice. The more you exercise your Self-discipline and Willpower the more you will be able to follow your intuition more often as you will have learned how to quiet your mind.
Quieting the mind, the noisy clutter that often goes on inside your mind can be very distractive and can easily prevent you from achieving the strengthening of your Willpower and Self-discipline as well as keeping you from discovering your inner truth. Any form of doubt, fear and sometimes the obsessive need to be logical and reasonable are all blocks to hearing what is needed for your progression to harness the strength within developing your Willpower and Self-discipline. Meditation will help dear ones, finding solitude will bring you to that peaceful oasis where you can hear the voice within you.
There are many ways each of you can discover that will help you develop your inner-strength and power while making use of your Willpower and Self-discipline. Your practice and maintenance of these skills is demonstrating your inner muscle, what you are capable of and applying these skills effectively and efficiently throughout all aspects of your life. I AM always ready for your call for support, love and guidance beloveds. I will be honoured to direct you and guide to ways of improving these skills and many more. As we prepare to depart, believe with the fullness of your loving heart just how much you are appreciated and loved.
I AM Ascended Master, El Morya through Julie Miller