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Greetings beloveds we are the Arcturians and we are here to guide and support ALL as they now begin the process that will take them out of the confines of the old world and into the new world with its ability to support at CORE level. Many of you may now be in the throes of chaos as the old world attempts to dissolve and you now begin the process of harnessing the new energies.

We wish to state clearly that the supportive and nurturing new energies of the new world are available to ALL. It may appear to begin with that all is breaking and all is the "end times" as has so clearly been described across your world but this is NOT TRUTH for the old must dissolve in order to make way for the new. Energy JUST IS and the energies that are now pouring across and within planet earth are a far higher vibration and frequency than ever before.

In order for deep healing of not only individual humans but the human race as a species it is vital that these energies are allowed to flow through you. For in holding the energies back you create more chaos from the place of the wounds and these wounds then begin to filter the planet back to you. Do you understand our analogy? our words? Let us further explain.

The human race is a race that is deeply wounded, from the beginning the human race was drawn into a galactic war of sorts and this has played out AROUND them. The wounding has been passed cellularly from human vehicle to human vehicle for aeons. The energies that now flood across and within planet earth are beginning to shine and anchor LIGHT into these cellular memories. This may appear to you in your waking reality as disturbed sleep, strange dreams and the experience of what may appear to your human vehicle as a "cold", "flu" etc.

We are here to guide this is merely the new cellular changes to your human vehicle and nothing more. YOU ARE cleansing lifetimes of trauma and teachings from within the cellular matrix of the human vehicle. It is vital that you begin to TRUST and have FAITH in SELF for the process may appear to be something that it is not. As the old dissolves then the old will try to set off the teachings of distortion that have anchored within you. We are here to support YOU as you now face these teachings and allow them to dissolve for they no longer serve, they have NEVER served.

That which appears to you in your waking reality as "loss" is the smoke and mirrors of the old world shattering, for they have kept you in the fairground that is human misery for aeons. The structures that the human race has used to live through have been highly distorted, you have been taught to hold onto the lower emotions, you have been taught to look at your family and see competition, for family is ALL who share the universe with you. YOU ARE FAMILY, you are ALL and we are here to help guide you through the process.

We are not the only part of your family who are here for you, you may not be able to physically see us yet but we are here holding the space for the deep healing. Much as a small child who has broken a leg needs recovery and rest and then needs to exercise that leg in order to return to full health we watch over you as the parents in this scenario. The human race is the small child who has been taken to the edge of "broken". Now we ask that you exercise the heart and that you learn to walk again for there is no need for fear or for anxiety. ALL that you have been taught as TRUTH will dissolve and that which you will be able to see is the VAST LIGHT that has existed within you and around you since before time.

For YOU are that VAST LIGHT and as you progress through the process, as you allow the patterns, the karmic contracts and the systems to dissolve then you will gain clarity of vision, you will gain a clear inner vision and you will recognise PEACE for it is within YOU that this is cultivated. To cultivate peace you must allow TRUTH a home, for it is only from TRUTH that PEACE is achieved.

It may appear that the world is breaking down and all will be lost, but what you "lose" was never TRUTH, we are here holding you in our hearts as you now begin the healing process. Much will now change and shift as YOU change and shift.

We are the Arcturians and we are with you always, for in TRUTH we have always walked WITH YOU for we are YOU and YOU are we.

Copyright Karen Doonan, all rights reserved


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