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Change and transformation are at the forefront this week with a solar eclipse today (Nov. 13) at 21/22 degrees Scorpio. This eclipse asks us to go deeper with our efforts to heal and transform our "selves" and to move forward with our purpose for this lifetime. The essence of our own healing is always intrinsically related to our spiritual mission, so the steps followed now to bring about healing will ultimately bring us to full recognition of our reason for being here this time around. As we awaken to our purpose, we are able to activate new timelines aligned with the new time.

The Solar Eclipse in Scorpio and our Sacred Wound

Our "sacred wound" is stamped into our consciousness early on in life so we can pull forward incomplete understandings from other places and times and work with them. The events of the sacred wound involve the people and environment of our early years but this is less significant than our response to the events that wounded us. If the emotions surrounding our sacred wound have not yet been fully healed, the emotional response to this wound is still with us and ready to be released now.

This week's solar eclipse in Scorpio will help us reach deep within ourselves and facilitate healing. The Nov. 24 lunar eclipse will follow shortly to help us follow up with any remaining emotional clearing and healing. The energies of this eclipse series are preparing us for the Dec. 21 solstice "zero point" that signals the beginning of the new time.

Windows of Manifesting and Service Bring New Opportunities

Windows of manifesting are opening now thanks to the new moon in Scorpio riding in with the eclipse. Change and manifesting join with themes of work and service which come into play as the Scorpio eclipse lands in the sixth house of service. This awakens the longing to align more deeply with our mission here.

Areas where we have felt out of balance in regards to our spiritual path and our chosen career will be highlighted. Scorpio eclipses can bring about purges that help us release old ways of being and replace them with new and better ideas. This can trigger times of upheaval and turmoil as situations and people leave our life but it also opens portals to new potentials and opportunities. The old must leave our lives to make room for the new so be ready now to stand strong inside the void that exists between old and new.

Service Includes Serving, Healing and Assisting our 'Selves'

Implicit in energies of the eclipse in Scorpio/sixth house is the need to heal all aspects of our own consciousness and take further steps to strengthen and empower ourselves. Along these lines, diet, exercise, fitness and inner work come onto our radar.

Our own strength, health and empowerment are essential to our ability to serve others. And it isn't to be overlooked that serving and assisting our "selves" is an important part of the path of service. If we can't help ourselves, we won't be able to help others.

Scorpio Eclipses Help us Create our Individual and Collective Destinies

As we heal and strengthen ourselves, we're better able to join together with others to combine our energies to forge creations beyond what any one person can bring about by themselves. This eclipse will highlight the value of each person taking responsibility to create their own destiny and then joining together with others to create our collective destiny.

Powerful Manifesting Energy Flows through the Solar Eclipse/New Moon

Today's eclipse falls on a profound and potent new moon in Scorpio, opening the door to powerful manifesting. If there are creations that have eluded you in past days and weeks and years, now is the time to connect with them, infusing them with heartfelt energy. Whatever desires and wishes you hold at a deep level can manifest quickly now.

The best time to sit in meditation with these intentions is eight hours after the moon leaves zero degrees. It is better to avoid evoking desired manifestations when the moon is zero or void of course. The moon enters Scorpio today at 5:08 PM EST. Mercury is still in retrograde so it is best to only focus on those desires that are strongly aligned with your highest visions - those desires that clearly lift you to new places within yourself.

Our most deeply-held wishes and goals are part of our spiritual purpose and within reach now. Wisdom and intuitive insights are heightened at this time when channels are wide open for information and guidance to be downloaded. During this powerful time each person is able to make timeline and identity shifts that carry them further along the path of healing and service. The November eclipses bring influences and energies that are part of the awakening prelude of many light beings here to help anchor the new time on Planet Earth.

For more on timeline and identity shifts, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta
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