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Brightest Blessings Be to You!


There are so many moments that happen to us that go “unrealized” … and what we have come to realize …there are NO moments that are NOT realized ~ in other words, there are NO Wasted Moments!


What is it we have all learned?  or opened WITHIN Us … that once ~ stored deep in the myriad of the Soul … now Shines so Brightly!


Each and Every Soul here … there … took their OWN Path ~ their OWN Journey of Discovery to arrive Here and Now ~ and What do you KNOW NOW?  I could answer for myself … I could tell you my stories … and YES … some might resonate with you and some of your own tales of “arriving” … albeit, each of us, has a UNIQUEness ~ a CHORD of LIGHT … UNLIKE any other ~ that no matter how “alike” we might travel our Journeys ~ we each have unparalleled differences ~ that have cumulatively arrived at the same POINT of Awareness! 


Each of us can identify a moment in illusionary time ~ that signified a Thought of CHANGE … of catalystic proportions ~ maybe even defined as an AHA moment!  A Thought that CHANGED EVERYTHING in your BEingness!  I can tell you what mine was … actually several, nonetheless catalystic, fleeting thoughts that sparked a flame within my Soul … that WOKE UP my Soul!!   We all have them ~ the varied degrees of realizations, of awareness’s … ultimately, vibrational realizations and awarenesses!


So Where are We … What is going on … Why am I feeling this … Who AM I ~ ~ ~  and as much as I KNOW what I am feeling, we are MERGING … THEY have been sharing in the recent days (I see the intertwining chords coming together to join as ONE Chord or Strand) … we are merging ALL of these POINTS of LIGHT within our Souls!  You know … each time we went through an energy integration ~ those crumbs, tidbits, leftovers, remnants … pieces of the WHOLE … a little here and there … we are BRINGING them TOGETHER … MERGING!  Somewhat like a spinning vortex ~ a windblown dandelion ~ the fuzzy seedlets … seeking and searching for a place or space to adhere to … to grasp onto … to “attach” … to Merge!


Forever ~ or as many lifetimes, we CARRIED … these “seeds” … they were “attached” to a myriad of lessons and or experiences (sometimes for more than just one lifetime) … as our Journey unfolded and we continually “let go” of those pieces ~ here they are … “blowing around within the vortex of You” ~ that is what we are sensing … that as much as they were a part of you at one time or another ~ NOW there is NO SUSTENANCE for these pieces to attach or hold onto, instead … NOW these parts and pieces that were instrumental as a great part of YOU ~ MERGE WITHIN  … forming Beautiful Points of LIGHT WISDOM ~ the ambiance, the essence of YOU, YOUR SOUL ~ YOUR INNER LIGHT!!!  Just as each of us ~ a Point of Light as Collective Consciousness ~ so too, have the “seeds” of our Lives, contributed to our own Unique and Individual Collective Light Consciousness ~ we are ALWAYS SERVING our Collective Consciousness!


Our vibrations are HIGH at present ~ You are “coming from” an entirely NEW space when you deal with “the old”  ~ ushering in “the New” … You are no longer “doing” … You NOW Create … you are enabled to SEE many different aspects of a situation … you are Empowered by these MERGING POINTS OF LIGHT!


Body Temple upgrades?  Let’s see ~ in the past month ~ high blood pressure * dry skin * small cluster like headaches * indigestion / digestive issues * vision issues * extreme hot (core) surges flashes * teeth issues * dimensional confusion (feeling like you are not present) * forgetfulness * loss of appetite * feeling secluded or lonely * longing for “completion” * space clearing (letting go of old material mementos / downsizing) * feelings of imminence or anxiousness *

Each person integrates differently ~ some may have NO symptoms of energy shifts ~ whilst others may have many ~ it really depends on your Own internal barometer and Thought processes!   If you FEEL or SENSE strongly something amiss, you should certainly seek medical advice.


Where we once might have thought that we were “going” somewhere else to live on a New Earth ~ turns out … we are, RIGHT NOW … HERE ON NEW EARTH … all around us  ~ even though you are still “seeing” the old … You are SEEING from a NEW SPACE WITHIN YOUR SOULSPACE!!  Very little of the “old you” is remotely HERE!  Everyday ~ Every Moment you create a new space within your vibrational values!!


No, it’s not been easy ~ albeit, we are beginning to SEE the fruits of our laborous Journeys ~ which will only become Greater and Grander!  I know for myself, throughout my day, I sit in AWE of the many Blessings that appear in my space!  Which is merely God reminding You how truly indeed, you are coveted, precious and so VERY LOVED!  When you gaze upon the magic that blossoms ~ the insurmountable beauty that surrounds us ~ realizing You are as much CONNECTED to that very seed, the soil it grows in ~ that petal, those wings, the clouds, wind, rain ~ SUNLIGHT ~ We are bound by our energies ~ connected to all things inclusive of the infinite possibilities that await creative realization!  Do you see the eternal energy that has always been and will always BE?  WE ~ You and Me ~ ~ ~ are Infinite Creators of Source energies!  The LIGHT never diminishes ~ it is always in a state of REALIZATION ~ BECOMING Brighter in each Moment! 


We Shine this Light within the vastness of the WHOLE ~ even in those times of shadows ~ your Light is and never will be extinguished or even diminished ~ You Are SOURCE Light! 



Where you have come … from where you began ~ not just this incarnate life … the many before this ONE … have now congregated Here in this Moment ~ You SEE with NEW EYES ~ You FEEL with NEW SENSES ~ You HEAR with NEW INTUITIVENESS ~ everything you once “thought” You “knew” has been energetically realigned and realized!  The “doubts” have been replaced (happily so for many) with Wisdoms ~ we are Collective Consciousness ~ as we SERVE ourselves ~ We Serve One Another ~ We Serve Great Spirit!


To say it has been “smooth sailing” is like eating one of those “sour candies” … you ask yourself “what was I thinking” only to be QUICKLY reminded ~ by Source … of that intensely overwhelming feeling of PURE Bliss ~ YOU WERE BECKONED … YOU raised your hand to Come and BE HERE NOW ~ RIGHT NOW ~ MERGING what little is left of the Old … dedicating ALL OF YOU ~ to A NEW EARTH ~ Moment by Moment ~ word by word ~ breath by breath ~ life by life ~ thought by thought ~ every vibration lent to the next ~ to NOW!   We stand fixated, not on what was … or will be … we KNOW the majestic vibration of LOVE ~ we stand collectively as SOURCE LIGHT!  No matter your calling ~ your Light CREATES vibrance of SIMPLICITY!   We are SIMPLE SOULS created of LOVE ~ we are Creating New Earth from our SIMPLICITY of SERVICE!


Deep Breath!  Thank You Great Spirit for this Moment ~ how may I serve?

Your Heart, Your Guide ~ Your Soul, Your Strengths


My Heart




Your Heart!

courtlandChannelled by : courtland ♥


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