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Understand, please, that your intuition is the voice of spirit. – channeled by Ron Head

November 30, 2012


It is good that you opened yourself to the message from our dearest friend, Francis. Please remain open to others. We will continue to keep access to you clear as long as you keep to your preparation routines.

We highly value the reach and effectiveness of our trusted channels at this time. They are performing wonderfully under very difficult circumstances. Within short weeks now, they will find themselves suddenly with greater awareness, capabilities, and ease in their roles as all surrounding and inner resistance will be removed. You will also very likely find it necessary to find ways to limit for yourselves the number of us whom you channel. Even now many clamor to be heard. That is the reason we often use the collective ‘we’. And when we do not, often we identify ourselves as councils, collectives, federations, etc. There is an agreement reached and a spokesman chosen to make these connections, else your budding abilities would soon be overloaded.

Also, while in the third dimensional environment of polarity, it has been advisable, indeed almost mandatory, for you to protect yourselves from negativity and interference. You are soon to reach a point that will preclude such things as they depend upon the illusion and you will have left that behind.

One point only we would make this day. We notice the increasing frequency of requests to many of our channels for confirmation of this or that. We frequently say that this information, given in this way, is available to all. When you find the need to ask for the confirmation from another, you are really saying, “I do not trust my intuition.” That is alright, dear ones. But understand that your aim now should be to find the trust within yourselves that will allow you to believe what is being told to you.

Understand, please, that your intuition is the voice of spirit. Booming voices do not issue from Heaven and instruct folks. It is that silent ‘voice’ in the heart which you need to hear and listen to. And each of you has as great an access to the truth as any other. In fact, it may soon become almost difficult for you to ignore it.

You have reached a point now where many feel ‘as if they are about to pop’. Perhaps you feel like dancing in the street. Our anticipation is as great as your own. The change in your hearts and awareness is mounting. Soon it will be time for us to say, “welcome to our world.”

It seems unnecessary for us to tell you to be of good cheer, but we say it anyway. We surround you with love. Good day, dear friends.

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