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This is a channeling from the soul.

The Dream is Now Reality

Im sure many of you have heard of NESARA (National Economic Security And Recovery Act). It’s a nice idea, yet there is one thing throwing me off.

Are we to give our power away to something that is rightfully ours and always has been? Basically, there is no need to sign a bill in order to distribute the monies of this world evenly amongst all the people. What for? We are all free and so with all and everything on this earth and in this universe. Did the earth tell you you have to pay to live on her land? Or pay to eat off her land?

There is a control situation occurring. The few who hoard 97% of the wealth, at any time can distribute this wealth, yet do not. Empower yourself. There is no reason to sign anything to have what is rightfully yours to be given to you freely.

As long as we feel freedom and love in our heart and know that there is abundance we take our power back. You do not have to sign anything, such as a bill, to spread the wealth. The wealth is Yours! It should be as simple as asking for it, and it being given to you. This is a Universal law.... Ask and you shall receive. Yet those in control will make you believe you have no rights, no powers, aren't worthy and they own you, creating a hell when there is no hell on earth. There was always and still is heaven on earth. The earth and the universe is full of abundance. And if you feel otherwise then this is fear. Let go of the fear and see what is there. You are free and so with all of earths bounty and the right to abundance and wealth.

There are indigenous people losing their homes and all they love due to the controllers as I write this. These controllers wish no one to understand what its like to live free. And being free does not mean to be primitive. Many are free in todays society, such as those who have all the wealth and do not live primitively.

Its time for the collective to wake up and take there power back. Its time for the collective to ask for the money that is theirs to be distributed evenly, in a loving manner and without signing anything in order to take back what is rightfully theres. Again, ask and you will receive. Its time to end suffering, hunger, lack, disease, homelessness, joblessness and so much more....

There are those who came before us. They had dreams and they shared those dreams with us. They imagined a world of love and peace for us. May those dreams and imaginations become reality. For those before us are still here in spirit rejoicing and in love with us.

Ask yourself what the world would be like if YOU had everything you needed for you and the ones you love or care for? And so you do. For All is cared for, All is yours, and All Ways has been. Just ask and you shall receive.

God Bless,

Sarah :0)