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Lady Nada:

Hello, sweet ones. Your mundane world is becoming no more, of what it has been. You are “reaching for the stars” and it shows. It shows in everything you are and do and for that we are most grateful. You are picking up the pieces from a world of absolutes and divisions and black and white, and transforming it into a beautiful one of bright colors and unknowns, but all with a plethora of possibilities.

You take in stride your creation of a world of such love and magic. Your doubts are waning and it is as it should be. For you are stepping up into a reality that only deals with Love and circumstances designed for the good of all – of seeing things from a perspective of abundance versus lack, of seeing things from a perspective of plenty for all, of love for all, of forgiveness for all, including yourself. And for that you are responsible. You are at the helm and creating as we speak.

For in your desire to be in a world of infinite possibilities, of gentle and sure creation of your utmost desires and yearnings, it is a bit foreign still but becoming more real every day, every waking moment that you raise yourself to the level of your Divine Self and see things from that perspective.

Dear ones, we are supporting this new awakening that you are engineering. We bow to you in this beautiful manifestation of a greater world based on your greater selves and abilities.

For many, these greater abilities are coming on-line more and more every day. It is a little new as you rework your perspective away from the old one of duality to the new reality of Oneness and Divine Inspiration. Take those inspirations you receive with your dalliance in the higher dimensions and mold them into reality. Take those divine inspirations and see them as infinite possibilities, while at the same time it is also necessary to maintain yourselves in these higher realms you are delving into.

For such is the way of transformation. Delve into and stay in these new realms no matter how they may still feel unfamiliar, and relish the rewards gained from being there: The peace, the serenity, the knowing – the sweet knowing and certainty that everything can be transformed with just a flick of your imagination and intent. You are practicing that, dear ones, and we watch you with utmost delight.

So please carry on with this new venture that is made possible with each new breath you take of the purer higher energies being offered to you, and settle into the pattern of expecting miracles and divine inspiration the more you get used to connecting with your higher selves and higher dimensions.

You are merging with your Higher Selves and with Source more and more each day and getting used to the altitude. It frees you up for so many miraculous endeavors. Your mind-set is important to this. Gone are the days for doubt or regret or unforgiveness for past misdeeds. For you have learned from them, have you not?

You have gathered the gifts of the experiences and you are ready to step up into the possibilities of a higher lighter future filled with abundance and grace and freedom, fueled only by your love and your compassion, and your faith and trust in your divine nature.

You are shedding the old ways and making room for the new, and in that you find gratitude and grace. Be prepared for more and more miracles and inspiration as you relinquish the reins to your Higher Selves and Divine Nature and step up into your rightful selves in the higher realms.

Go forward in Peace and Love and don’t forget your neighbor, for they are yearning for the same.

I leave you now, dear ones, to continue on your illustrious path of ascension and merging with your Higher Being, always to come from that standpoint and never to return to the old ways.

I give you my love and my devotion and my admiration, for you are all stellar and magnificent.


I AM Lady Nada at your service.

©2013 Fran Zepeda. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is posted in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are included. (Blog) (Website)

Channelled by : Fran Zepeda


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