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The sphinx speaks 2014 and up
The future is like we always say very fluid even though there are some constants happening as well.
You have moved through the darkest point, zero point or the eye of the needle as we call it on December 21st 2012. This was a very hectic as well as exiting moment for many and after this date many have felt a release of pressure, but also more pressure at the same time. The predictions and many of the messages were geared towards a great change and they continue this in their messages at this moment setting new dates each time.
What really happened on that date?
The earth energy moves in a spiral and the spiral is not a solid size but moves from a wide spiral to a very small spiral and once it reaches a certain point it moves through the eye of the needle coming out on the other side to start to expand again. As you can see expanding and contracting is a commonality within the many energies moving in your universe.
In a way the energy is turning inside out and many have felt that result with the feeling of not knowing what was happening, a silence within the energies, getting used to the energies in a different way, a lot of adjusting not just to move through disappointment but for many also adjustment to the energies that seem to work and act differently.
This is due to the fact that before December 21st your reality was still moving down the spiral and energies were becoming denser this way as all the energy started to collect within the smallest point of the spiral getting ready for its move through zero point or the eye of the needle.
Once the energy came out on the other side expansion of the energy started to take place and it was and is something that many are not used to as you only have gone through the experience of the contracting energy.
Expansion is taking place on a slow level, but can be felt and even seen by some.
This is a process that the earth reality has gone through many times and there have been great ages of enlightment within your history. Yet each time they went from the great age of enlightment back into the age of darkness and this is partly the reason why so much knowledge was lost over time.
The difference this time was that many were able to remain or stay within a certain consciousness experience, and were actually able to awaken to a certain point, even though the energies were becoming denser and contracting.
Many were able to remain in that state while the energies went through zero point and came out on the other side still awake.
There are however many who have fallen back into their sleep state after all the disappointment of the messages and they are waking up again slowly after moving through their own so called dark night of the soul in a way.
The earth is moving up the spiral this time with many awake and conscious up to a certain point and having maintained consciousness through zero point, this is an advantage for the human reality as it will take less time for some to move into a fully conscious state. You are not starting at the beginning; you have already done much of the work that would normally begin just after zero point.
Now for many it is time to move forward as the year of 2013 was the year of adjustment, the year of moving through your dark night of the soul for many to find out what your real intent and purpose is for your own reality.
We are not saying each person went through this; many of the awake ones are in a way still continuing their ways that were so comfortable before the shift.
Not realizing that this change and upwards movement is asking for a different participation in not just their own reality.
Some have noticed the change and felt the change; many of the awake ones can feel energies, understanding the energies is something different.
Each one chooses their own path along the spiral and some will awaken to the new possibilities, others will remain on the old timeline of limited possibilities.
We call it timeline as there has been a change within the earth timeline by going through the eye of the needle and in many ways it is a new beginning for the earth reality. This doesn’t mean it is a new beginning for every soul within the human reality. The change is personal for each soul and many will move along the ideas and realities that were present within the old timeline. As each soul in reality is present upon their own timeline within the earth timeline.
2014 will be a year for many that have found their bearings within their own reality to move forward in different ways upon their own timeline.
The ones moving forward have to release and have already released the many expectations that were present upon the old timeline and have found that expectations are not needed within their new timeline as they limit the possibilities of what can be created upon their new timeline.
Many will stay within the reality of their own old timeline as well.
It’s all good as you might say, we are just here to give you the information for you to research and become more knowledgeable about your own timeline and reality.
Nothing is set in stone and all is possible, but possibilities are creations and there is a need for understanding, knowledge as well as finding your own movement forward upon your own timeline within the overall timeline of the earth reality.
From one source to another
November 1, 2013
Petra Margolis


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