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Bliss Mastery, Part 1: The Choice For Bliss
Messages From Bliss Consciousness


Welcome Home! Life is truly intended to be blissful. In fact, Life as God knows it IS blissful. The Life of God is Divine Life, and this is not the same experience that the human perceives as "life." The human experience of life, which is sometimes termed "life experience," is one of CHOICE, for you get to choose whether or not you wish to experience bliss; whereas the Divine Life of God, which is eternally blissful, is an experience of perfect choicelessness. This is the True State. This is Heaven. There is no "desire" nor "free will" in this State as you perceive such things in your world, because there is no thought of lack in this Awareness. Here, there is nothing other to "choose" except bliss.

However, the miracle of Divine Life is such that it ALLOWS any and all expressions and experiences of Itself to exist in creation, which certainly have the appearance of being very real to those who are strongly focused within this framework. As you begin to step out of one framework of perception into a larger one, you start to relate to the previous framework as if it were a fading dream, because your attention is now focused in a more expansive light. Choosing bliss is nothing other than focusing your attention in the direction of expanding your awareness of Divine Life. ANY choice for relief from stress is actually a choice for bliss.

This discourse will cover many areas of human experience in a light of encouraging greater insight and clarity into the nature of your True Reality. You will experience yourself in a new light, a Light of Pure Awareness. You will catch glimpses of this Light with increased ability to sustain your focus on bliss, not through "working" your way to a higher state of consciousness, but through relaxed effort that is inspired and guided by the Divine Life within you. You embark on a new journey with every choice that you make. You are now ready to step into a brighter, more enjoyable and fulfilling life experience. You are now ready to help your world in an easier, more powerful way. You are now ready for BLISS MASTERY!


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