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April 27th : Planetary Ascension and Alignment : Working with the newly activated Ascension Portal in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

I have been unable to keep you all up to date with the events and the work in Brazil as I was without Internet access. But, I have been through some really powerful experiences with the Starchild team here in Brazil. This culminated in the activation of an Ascension Portal for the Ascension of the Planet here in Rio de Janeiro. At this time, many of these portals around the planet are being activated and brought "online" so that the Planet can complete the Ascension process, or rather recommence her journey towards the Heart of God.

This activation of the new "Ascension Portals" has been made possible by the great "reconnection" that took place at the March Equinox. The reconnection with the Kingdoms of Nature has allowed the Human Collective to merge their vibrations with the higher vibrations of Nature and the Sacred Ancestor Keepers, and to "reconnect" with the Sacred purpose of the Planet as she continues her journey towards the light. This journey was interupted at the time of Atlantis, when "separation" become part of the consciousness of Humanity, and the ideas of suffering, trauma and punishment were seeded into the human cellular memory. Now, at this time, this sense of separation is being healed and Humanity is once again experiencing the "Harmony of One"....what it means to unite in the Heart, to access the Diamond Light within the Heart and to activate the Diamond Light Body so that each individual and the planet as a whole can be drawn back into the Unconditional Love of the Creator and we can continue our journey into higher octaves of Light and Love.

So,let me share with you my experiences with the newly opened Ascension Vortex. I do hope to have some images soon, but at the moment it is just words that we can share. At Foz do Iguacu, we connected once again with the powerful water vortex at the Falls that links the Planet straight through to the Heart of the Cosmos. The powerful new codes for Planetary Evolution are received here first, and then transmitted to the rest of the planet via the water. So, being open to these "codes" allowed us to receive the information into our DNA and to begin the process of raising vibration for the work that lay ahead. It was also important that we worked as a group, because the new ascension energies are not about individuals so much as about groups of people sharing their energies to enable the process. To be "One" means to be part of a group and to share the energy of Harmony and Oneness. So our touring group of seven people confronted many challenges as we worked together and we worked with groups of people in the events.

When we were in the Sao Paulo area, we did a very powerful meditation and activation with a group of people at the Pax center in the city, which was broadcast via Internet TV at the time. Then we moved to the "Arco Iris" retreat center outside of Sao Paulo. It was here that I had a very strange altered state experience that culminated in a vision of complex of energy "wheels" that was a spinning vortex of energy. In the middle of this was a man's face. It was a very beautiful and serene face, and I knew that it was a Spirit Being of Great Power. I tried to receive information from the beings who were transmitting this image, but was unable to make out anything at the time, so I let it be knowing that the right information would come at the right time.

When I arrived at Rio de Janeiro for the work there, one of the first things we did was to visit the statute of "Christ the Redeemer" in preparation for our Ceremony there the next day. This is a very powerful place, and when I looked up at the face of the Christ from below, I was awed to see that this was the face that I had seen in my vision, and the Ascension Portal was right there above the head of the Christ. Wow....there are no words.......the Power was just absolutely electrifying.....the new ascension vortex was coming online.

That evening we visited at the "Comunidade Espiritual Unindo Coracoes" which means the Community for Uniting Hearts. This community lies at the foot of the Corcovado mountain where the "Christ the Redeemer" statue is located. The perfect place for a first "journey" with a group of people through the new portal, under the guidance of Archangel Michael. It was, just by "coincidence" the festival of St Jorge in Rio, St Jorge being an aspect of the energy of Archangel Michael and an ideal moment for the Michael energy to activate the vortex with the group of about 300 people who were in attendence. So...through we went...and the people at the community held the energy with grace and power! Wow...another great experience!

The next day we were privileged to work directly at the foot of the statute to fully activate the Portal. This was an experience that I will never forget for the rest of my life. We arriverd early in the morning to avoid the "tourist rush". Our group was probably about 30 or so people, but all strong lightworkers. We had been given permission by the Priest who manages the Statue space for the Catholic Church, so Sebastian and Marcela, our musicians, were able to bring the Crystal bowls and Didgereedoos and bells, and we included music in our Ceremony of Activation at the foot of the Christ. I noiced too, that while I was doing my blessing and channel from Michael, that a mist came up and blew over and inbetween the participants who had their eyes closed in meditation. It seemed like a blessing from nature and from the Holy Spirit. At the end of the ceremony, the Catholic Priest joined our circle, and spoke about the neccessity of all of us working together for a common spiritual goal of Peace and Harmony. I was amazed again....the Priest becoming part of the Harmony of One and working with us! I just had to give him a hug afterwards. I think he was not too sure about that one, as priest have their dignity and don't expect to be hugged by strange foreign women dressed in white, but in the end it was all OK!

After that, we had another event near Rio, in the mountains near Teresopolis. Here, we were able to create a Harmonious group energy and we took the most awesome group journeys through the Vortex and into the Heart of the Cosmos. There we met with the Cosmic "brotherhood", and I was given the message that "First Contact" was not about them coming to us, but about us going to them in our Diamond Light Vehicles! We were welcomed back into the Harmony of the Cosmic Collective. Our long separation is over, and we are moving towards the Heart of Creation on the waves of Cosmic Love. much to absorb.....such power....and does change the body and the DNA and the vibrations of the Diamond Light are very intense. The first thing I noticed was that it affects human relationships very immediately. As the vibrations increase and the body is filled with the Diamond Light on the Cellular level, your body feels heavy and strange as you try to adjust. I found problems with eating...I had indigestion and stomach problems as did many in our group. I have intuitively moved towards eating as much fruit as I can, as my body needs "light food". In terms of relationships, you will find it very difficult to be around people who are not "matching" your rising vibrations. The body will find it difficult to tolerate the lower vibrations and will feel as though it were being pulled down into toxic energy. Other symptoms will include rapid opening in the brow and crown chakras and a feeling of spaciness and strangeness, difficulty in thinking clearly and maybe mild vision adjustments.

Well, that is a summary of the experiences that we have shared here in Brazil as we work with the activations of the Primary Planetary Vortexes for the Ascension of the Planet. It's all aboard.....and here we go........


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