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Shekinah and the Blue Ray Transmissions
for all Light Bearers ready to receive The Ancient Sacred Technologies:

The Blue Ray Beings are an ultra-sensitive empathic soul group like the Indigos that came from many different ascended planets and
light realms to enlighten the genetic code of humanity and raise the God consciousness on Gaia. They are the lost ray of the Light Worker.
Find out if you are from the Blue Ray here
"Shekinah", a Hebrew word in the "Language of Light", is a mentor of the Blue Ray. Shekinah is the lost aspect of the sacred Divine Feminine of
Creation that is the embodiment of God, the ascension process. Blue Ray is the soul group consciousness of the highest aspect of all Blue Rays.
Together we give you these transmissions.
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Christine Von Lossberg Fantasy Artitist
Star Goddess Star Goddess Christine Von Lossberg Fanstasy Art

Beloved Blue Ray and Light Bearers, we are singing to you in the tones and sounds of creation. Can you hear our choir of Light? It beckons you to
be in the perfect time and place. By surrendering to the highest attunement of Creation, the cosmic flow places you in instant Divine alignment.
We are gathering in many ways that unify and strengthen your Divine power and Light bodies so you may embody more of your core essence -
your God DNA.The sacred sister ships, brotherhoods, tribes of Light, and frequency holders of Earth, are being called from a deep place of
the living soul of humanity to come together to activate the codes of Light, the codes of unity.
These gatherings, whether they are small or large, frequent, or one-chance meetings, serve the Divine Plan of Light and return of the
Divine original intent of Creator. This activation is also happening as you reconnect to nature and the elements.
We, the Blue Ray, have come to you in unison with the voice of Gaia, as she has given you a sacred ritual that empowers your sacred connection,
assisting to heal the Earth. The Sacred Divine Feminine Shekinah, in her many names and expressions of the Divine, is a mentor and over lights
the Blue Ray. The Blue Ray naturally carries an inner calling of the Sacred Divine Feminine in their vibration. It is an essential element of creation
that will bring healing and balance to humanity. This is part of your holy mission, no matter if you use these specific terms or not. The healing of
the Goddess is within you.
Throughout the ages we have kept the Sacred Divine Feminine alive in various ways, for without her essence, you would not be able to sustain
life in the way you know it. When the power elite of the times wished to banish the healing of the Goddess and all her ways, the Goddess found
refuge in the sacred Heart and in the cells of Light - your God DNA. This is where your true treasure of the Holy Grail has been awaiting your
In ancient times, when the temples crumbled, were seized, controlled and manipulated, the Divine knowledge was not lost but kept in this
safekeeping. Isis found embodiment in the name of Mother Mary in her sacred Heart, though many do not know the true meaning or divinity.
Mary was a term used that is very old. Mary means that she is in service to humanity and represents all aspects of the Mother principle. All
ways are now converging into the one Heart, the one Heartbeat of creation.
 "In the name of the Goddess, my Mother your life force of truth and Light will live on in me through my children and in the life of my
children's children until the time of your safe return." One of the oaths said when 1000s upon 1000s were put to death because of
their honor or connection to the Sacred Divine Feminine.

Many of you are from the sacred sister ships, brotherhoods, and tribes of Light that went into hiding. You took a holy oath to keep the
ancient sacred Light lineage - "God DNA" intact for all humanity and life. It is time that your encoded message of Light be heard and
seen for it is meant for Earth to hear.
 The Goddess Heart is calling you to awaken and remember who you truly are. Hear her voice as she lives in your Heart and in
every fiber of your being. I call upon you my beloved, for together is how we may bring the era of Light on Earth as we were meant to,
walking hand in hand.
 In the voice of the Goddess, the holy Divine feminine Shekinah through the "Sisters of the Sacred Rose", we speak now and call
forth the gathering of the sacred sister ships, the anointing of women. We wish to first acknowledge our Divine beloved male; we
do not exclude you, for many of you held the sacred rose of the Goddess in your Heart for her. You supported the Goddess so we
could flourish; we continue to ask you to hold her in your Heart for the healing of all life, and if you feel called to come together in the
sacred brotherhoods and sister ships of which we are all a part.Thank you my beloved.

We are the "Sisters of the Sacred Rose", the Rose Ray, keepers of the sacred Heart, and together with you, are the ascended Goddess,
the rays of Creation that represent the Sacred Divine Feminine. Shekinah with Magdalene, Mother Mary and the Hathors over light the
Sister of the Sacred Rose.
We are secret priestesses that are in service to the Light and the positive evolution of mankind. We know the ancient esoteric tools,
giving us a direct link to universal energy that awakens Divine power. This sacred knowledge was passed down through Atlantis,
Lemuria, ancient Egypt and the initial star seeding of Mother Earth.
We are repairing the DNA by sacred sound codes in bringing the Light from the higher realms and anchoring her holy frequency of
Creation in our Hearts and into Gaia. It is a "Language of Light" and, when heard, activates your ancient soul power.
Creation is working in awakening the Sacred Divine Feminine in humanity through the Magdalene, the Order of the Holy Grail.
Shekinah, Magdalene and Hathor in her name vibration are activating a sacred encodement within you. She ushers the Christ
return, the Christ body, bringing balance and harmony to what you already are and know, the Divine male.
The body is a star gate, a luminous temple of creator where the Christ body resides in the cells of Light. The Sacred Rose Ray
initiation is being transmitted though sound wave frequencies of the central galactic core via the way of these holy sister and
brother ships, to which the many sensitive beings are awakening and attuning their vibration to the higher Heart of Creation.
The rose is our powerful ally, our symbol of the sacred Heart of transformation, the power of love, a secret code of the Goddess
alchemy. We used the rose, which means the Sacred Divine Feminine, when it was not safe to gather or speak of such things.
 Our Hearts are the place where no one or energy could take away our sacred Divine power - this is where you will find your true
power and the sacred essence of the Goddess Light.
We have a sacred and intimate relationship with Gaia's higher self and God's "Divine Will". In working with Gaia, we are assisting
in reestablishing sacred partnerships with the Archangels of life called the 4 elements and directions, the Faery and Angel Kingdom
and Pan Realm. Many of you are powerfully drawn to the healing and restoration of these sacred partnerships.
The holy bond with Gaia has suffered greatly among humanity and a sacred reunion is wishing to be restored. Without this sacred
communion and bond to know its holy origins, your world will continue down a road of suffering and illusion.It is time, my beloved,
to bring Heaven to Earth and restore the sacredness and unity of all life. This powerful encodement of Light is destiny calling your
name. The priestess knowledge is awakening within you to take back your Divine power.
This reestablishment of the Mother Goddess frequency through the sacred Heart will ensure Creation to respond and open a new
pathway for mankind to live in harmony and communion with the higher realms. Know that regardless if you wish to gather or not
in any groups, that you as Light Bearers are the holy tribe of humanity carrying the star seeds of Light. You are assisting in the
healing of Divine partnerships with Gaia, by being who you are - the Light.
There is much we wish to share with you as you approach a closer alignment with the galactic center that will increase our
communications. This speed of Light will shine into all darkness, making it appear that time is moving faster. What has been
hidden and kept from you will be revealed, for Divine truth and the power of Creation lie in your essence, your DNA, and the
sacred Heart is your doorway.
(13) (444)

Shekina Rose Home of the Blue Ray

 For more information on Rose Ray Initiation, Power of Magdalene through
Shekinah & Blue Ray click here

*Attention: If you would like to add this information to your page, website or other  pyright © 2008-2009 Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this transmission/article on the condition that the content remains complete and in tact, full credit is given to the author(s), link is provided to author(s) website and that the information is distributed freely.

Channelled by : Shekina


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