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FEB 2016 UPGRADE STATUS :User profiles and New posts are now working again! Yey! Thank you so much for your patience! PLEASE Post any Issues Here.

...lets take the case ones twinflame is not ready, the one with the similar frequency has it still possible to live the same Holy relationship with this partner...achieving what you felt you could only achieve with the twinflame ?

In the rare case when this happens the answer is yes, for a timeline has been shifted for the person who has attracted their Twin Flame frequency. From the perspective of that person they are the centre of the universe, source – incarnated in matter and they are the only representation of source when one looks from that viewpoint. Therefore if they are ready to call the Twin Flame frequency – then this is what shall happen, how this actually manifests is different for each individual person. In the case of the timeline shifting to the point that a second person comes into their reality that matches the Twin Flame frequency then yes, the spiritual union of unconditional love and service can most definitely be achieved. Once the Twin Flame aspect takes their place within the relationship, then that quantum reality has been embraced and they are the only Twin Flame aspect for the other. There is no other Twin Flame, only the one, once that reality has been set.

As you approach the shifting dimensions in your year of 2012 this situation shall not be as rare as it once was and the Twin Flame understanding shall be embraced by many.

I was wondering if you can meet both your soul mate and your twin flame at the same time. Can the two relationships juxtapose and co-exist or do they exclude each other?

This is entirely possible yes and it has happened many times and is happening now. There can be several variations to this meeting. In the case of monogamy and exclusion wished for between those involved then challenges are presented that contain the potential for great growth. Each person involved has free will and will have drawn these experiences and challenges to themselves.

What if you meet your twin but you are the replacement twin? How can you tell the difference ?

From your own perspective, where you are the central point of your universe, you are all that is incarnated in matter you can never be a 'replacement' for anything. You are the one and only Twin Flame at all times from that central point. From the perspective of your partner, he or she will have switched timelines in order for a relationship or connection with you to manifest. Your partner, if he or she has truly drawn the Twin Flame experience into his life, will be aware of the great possibilities of infinity that lie before him. Therefore despite having had a 'Twin Flame' meeting with another, he will know that YOU are the one Twin Flame for him and not a replacement, alternative or a second. Only if you have that thought strong in your mind as a knowing will you manifest that within your reality. For when you know in your heart you are the one Twin Flame for your partner then you are exactly that.

The thought creates the reality and it becomes manifest. When you are master of your own surroundings, then you are always 'the one' and never 'the one that came second' this applies to each and every one of you, for on Earth, he who listens to these words, wherever they may come from, is 'the one'

I feel that someone quite famous could be my Twin Flame. Is this possible?

The truth of reality is infinite possibility so yes indeed this is possible. Yet those who stand in positions of fame and celebrity are often looked upon as the ideal mate for many. Those that yearn for the spiritual relationship may mistake he or she who stands in the public eye with teaching and wisdom as their one Twin Flame.

When looking at this ask yourself from where does the knowing come? Is this coming from the emotional or physical aspects of yourself? In meditation or in the dreamtime one can ask to be shown from which chakra point in the body does this knowing come? Remember also that he or she who stands in the public eye with wisdom and teachings of the Ascension will have a large soul group and be connected to many for their knowing shall show them they are connected to all and everything, therefore shall that be the reality for them. You who listen to their words and also awaken to these same teachings & knowledge stand within a telepathic union with them, this may seem like a Twin Flame energy as so many of you stand within alignment to Light. Yet the Twin Flame frequency will have a unique energy signature of it's own and shall match the other in opposition and parallel. The frequency shall be an exact match.....when you find that match you shall know, there shall be no need to ask the question if this person might be your Twin Flame. You shall know your Twin Flame as sure as you know yourself for it shall be like looking in an energetic mirror. There are those who have found this. There are those who, within the Twin Flame relationship, teach this to others. If you wish to be a true student of the Twin Flame love on Earth then seek out those that stand by the side of their Twin Flame as they teach....and feel their frequency as you listen to their words. Some of you who listen now are walking this path and you shall come together with your Twin Flame and teach others about your love and your experience so they may find in their reality that which you have found in yours. This union shall come to each and every one of you, for in reality you have never been separated from your Twin Flame.


Channelled by : Magenta Pixie


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