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~~~~~~~~~~~Om ~ Om ~ Om~~Welcome Fellow Lightworkers~~Om ~ Om ~ Om ~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~I have an important message from my Higher-Self which includes my twin Blue-Ray Flame.

~A lot of people are still very much stuck in 3D finding it difficult to ascend.
This is causing a lot of distress for them in the emotional and physical bodies.
Indeed, even spiritual workers have found themselves struggling to ascend because of their
involvement with helping others, sometimes taking on their problems in the form of physical
ailments. If a spiritual worker has already got a physical ailment, this ailment will become
worse because of their attachment to the people they are helping.

~It has gone past the time for all spiritual workers to remove any attachments to the people
they have been helping. This of course applies to face to face connection, not sending love
and light to the collective consciousness. The apron strings, so to speak, must be cut.
This is to enable the spiritual worker to move up to 5D or beyond, back to the dimension they
feel most comfortable in. Creating a new life for oneself whilst in 3D is not possible because
of the carrying of others' energies brought about by the attachment to their troubles.

~For others, the fear of ascending and leaving behind the way of life they are accustomed to,
is manifesting in physical symptoms of sluggishness, difficulty in moving about to the point
of feeling they are trying to walk through quicksand. The creation of obstacles to ascending,
such as continuing in old habits of drug taking and pessimistic thinking, are contributing to
the physical and emotional discomfort being felt.

The heavy feelings of not being able to move will not improve until all obstacles are removed.
The third dimension is a place of attachments - so it's out with the old and in with the new!
For those of you who have felt the cosmic power of mantra saying, these following mantras are
extremely powerful in removing obstacles.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OM GUM GANAPATAYEI NAMAHA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~This mantra is universally acknowledged as supremely effective for clearing away any obstacles
of all sorts - internal or external, spiritual or physical.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~NARASIMHA TA VA DA SO HUM ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~Narasimha invokes the energy for destroying the seemingly indestructible.
Ta, Va and Da invoke energies of the body and direct the energy the mantra creates to accomplish
the highest good.
So hum - is a mantra unto itself; it puts the mind in tune with the divine self within.

~Personal internal work is needed. This can only be done by the individual consciously facing
up to the strings that are keeping them tied to the old way.
Spiritual workers have done everything they can on an individual basis in helping others.
The time has come to focus on one's path and move into another aspect of spiritual work.
Energy work for the collective will be more beneficial in the new dimension. To raise your
own vibrations helps many people and especially those you come into contact with each day.

~With love, light, inner-peace and blessings White Tara.

Channelled by : white tara
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