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Please go to aformentioned website if you are curious for more information. CDT Plates and other information is fully explained.

CDT-Plates & Historical World Religions

The CDT-Plates and Maharata Texts translations of 246,000 BC contained the original multidimensional spiritual-science “Ascension” teachings from which the “Original 12 Ancient Earth Religions” and all subsequent fragment-religions eventually devolved; thus the CDT-Plates and Maharata Texts represent the “Common Source” from which all known Earthly historical and contemporary religious doctrines, and early scientific inspiration emerged. The Original 12 Ancient Earth Religions did not begin as competitive, contradictory doctrines, but rather represented complimentary perspectives that were first taught in Oral Translation, after the CDT-Plate remote-translation protocols were established by the GA-MCEO, following their reclamation of the (10 of 12) CDT-Plates in 208,216 BC. The Oral Translations emerged from division of the CDT-Plate/Maharata Texts teachings into 12 Corresponding Aspects, or “Legions”; each “Legion” represented an Oral Translation of one of the 12 CDT-Plate Silver Discs. The collective body of the 12 Oral CDT-Plate Legions, was know as the “12 Legions of the KRYSTHL-A”; the word “KRYSTHL-A” was derived from the “7 Sacred Sounds” that represent the “1st Audible Core-Creation Sound-Tones” in our 15-Dimensional Universe. The “7 Sacred Core-Creation Sound-Tones” are Ka, Ra, Ya, Sa, Ta, Ha, La”; the pre-ancient word “Krys-thl’-a” was used in reference to the collective body of the “12 CDT-Plate Oral Legions.”

In the MCEO CDT-Plate records, the original Earth human races are known as the “Angelic Human” lineage. Each of the 12 CDT-Plate Oral Legions was entrusted to one of the 12 original Earth Angelic Human race lines, which were collectively referred to as the “12 Tribes Humans.” (Detailed information on the Angelic Human 12-Tribes lineage is found in Voyagers Volume-2, 2nd Edition.) Each “Tribe” protected and perpetuated in Oral Tradition, the knowledge and historical record contained within its respective “CDT-Plate Oral Legion.” Each single CDT-Plate Oral Legion was remote-translated by an MCEO 3-Speaker Group that was a member of the “Tribe” to which the CDT-Plate corresponded; only one 3-Speaker Group was active on Earth at any given time. The CDT-Plate Oral Legion remote-translations were returned to Earth over time, in sequential order, starting with the teachings contained in CDT-Plate-1. Each Oral Legion was brought into Angelic Human culture in different periods to sequentially assist in the progressive evolution of the human collective. Historical translations of the teachings contained in the “2 missing discs” were rendered from the Maharata Texts through GA-MCEO Keylontic Communications. In various historical periods the “12 Tribes Humans” themselves became known as the “12 Legions of the Krysthl-a”; in later historical mistranslations of the 12 Legions CDT-Plate Oral Translations, the word “Krysthl-a” became fragmented and polarized into the words “Kryst” (later became the word Christ) and HL-a, (later became the word Allah), which became the “First Division of the 12 Tribes” from which subsequent fragmentation of both populations and Oral Tradition devolved.

During several periods in history following the inception of the 12 Legions of the KRYSTHL-A CDT-Plate Oral Translations, various portions of the original 12 Oral Legions were reorganized and restructured, or “re-legion-ed,” to create partial written translations of the CDT-Plate teachings, that appeared in various early languages and dialects. The first written translations that emerged from the 12 Oral Legions became known as the “Original 12 Angelic Human Earth Re-Legions”; which was later translated into the word “Religions,” within the various languages and dialects respective to the cultures and time periods. The teachings of the CDT-Plate written partial- translations, that evolved from the 12 Legions Oral Translations to become “Original 12 Ancient Earth Re-Legions,” were initially unique unto each other, but complimentary and concurring due to recognition of their CDT-Plate common source. It is from these pre-ancient teachings that the doctrines from all subsequent historical fragment-religions emerged. Over time and through the intentional historical manipulations orchestrated by Illuminati races (who possess hybrid Angelic Human + various “Intruder ET” genetic lines), the original complimentary perspectives and teachings of the “Original 12 Ancient Angelic Human Earth Religions” were progressively distorted into competitive, contradictory doctrines and “control dogmas.” (More information on the historical and contemporary relationships between ancient earthly Angelic Human and Illuminati-Human cultures, and the emergence of the “early-man” hybrid-species popularized in Darwinian Theory, is found in Voyagers, Volume-2, 2nd Edition.)