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Love and Gratitude - frozen water crystal by Dr.Emoto

One, how do we become our higher selves, ascended beings such as you?

First we are not separate from you, we are a part of you and you can feel us. Feel me, my vibration the vibration of us. It feels like love. Whatever brings you a feeling of love, steep yourself in that feeling. It is the same as frequency. You get feelings of love from many things such as music, beauty, thoughts, and memories. I don't mean from another, but the feeling within you of love and what you love, and experiences that you love. Fill your heart with love, as it is what you are. Fill all of you with love, or notice it is already there within.

Maybe it is like a colored mist for you, inside your body. It cannot be contained within you and comes out with each breath you take. Know that it is what you are made of, as you feel the connection of your body with the outer you,which is the space that you pass through. As you breathe it out, also breathe it in like a blue mist. You and the universe are made of love.

Feel love as a vibration. Feel us coming into you. Invite our presence within you and merge with us if you wish. Or merge, in your imagination, with another being that inspires divine love in you. Or if that is not appealing, simply merge with the feeling of love itself. Bring in your imagination, and make the feeling real.

Perhaps you recall a sunset over the ocean. Maybe you love a beautiful piece of music. Remember the taste of something delicious. Recall how your body felt in the sunshine. Make this vibration the frequency of you. Place that in your heart space. Make the heart space larger. Live the feeling. Makeyour heart space the size of the world, the universe. Roll around in that frequency. Breathe it in. Taste it. Know yourself as love as it is not separate, just who you are.

In the feeling, you will raise your frequency and that is ascension of the self. When you hold it there and relate to others from there,and bring it into work and life and all that you do. It is not hard. What are you waiting for? Use your passion to start now. Use your passion to try it out and know you are worthy of existing at much, much higher frequencies, the frequencies of the heart, than you have and do. Yes, you may need to tune out that which doesn't match this vibration, the true vibration of you. I said that, the true vibration of you. It is love. Naturally you will go where higher frequencies are and ignore and avoid lower ones. Your mere presence will bring up the frequencies of others. Right now the earth is assisting you in raising your frequencies, so flow with it, and in doing so, your transition will be easier and effortless with no resistance or drag. The discord comes from not vibrating as your true authentic self as love. When you are in that space, you only know ease. When you go into a mental frequency space in which your mind wants something to be different than reality, you leave the space of love and it is more difficult. I am not saying to be happy all the time. I am sayingto be authentic, let emotions flow through you, and that the space of the heart is there to tune into again always, after you have left it. Make this your practice, returning to the space of the heart.

You ask about how the outer world affects you. Know that your reactions to news and life keep you in lower frequencies of feeling, including fear.Can you meet the news, even scary news with your heart? Can you meet each situation in your life with your heart energy? Your reactions to the news and life is lowering your frequency with static, making slower vibrations that distort the natural geometric pattern your soul essence makes, that derives from Phi ratio, the golden mean. When you are in a lower vibration, the pattern turns more chaotic and less beautiful,even ugly. Have you seen Dr.Emoto's snowflakes? Yes, imagine your vibration as a perfect unique one that has been createdfrom the vibration of love. Your beauty is the same essence as that, yet even more magnificent. Put that into your universe, into your food, your speech, and your environment. Put the vibration of love into all that you do. The feeling of “All that I do is love” can be imagined and felt. You can meditate on the idea of “Knowing oneness with source.”

The form of the universe around your body takes shape from your vibration. Divine order and beauty will arise, a reflection of your divine nature, the more you vibrate love.

Sometimes you see yourself as separate from the universe or another person, which is when the universe treats you that way too. You see evidence of being disconnected and not being supported when you are separate.

Aligning in the heart space of love aligns you to being one with the universe. No separation exists, it is you and you are it, and all that is within it from the manifest to the unmanifest. As you are the universe, it is in synchronization with you. The universe is safe and benign, conspiring to please you and delight you. You are doing a dance together as one being.

When you get synchronicity in your experience, notice it and appreciate it. It is a result of your oneness with the universe whom you can trust. You will know because you are feeling good, and naturally your environment dances and shows you who you are and how you happen to be happening at any moment. Maybe it will be a sign, something in nature, or a song that you hear which will have words that immediately you will recognize as synchronicity which you instantly understand. It is the language of source speaking which you understand when you know yourself as source.

Always your breath is there as a reminder of resting in the true vibration of your self. Use your breath to bring you back to now, to the feeling of love, to making the world your heart space. This is your practice, resting in the heart. Tune into heart frequencies. There is nothing more than this simple doing which is simply being.

One is a part of myself and also a collective of ascended masters, higher selves, and angelic beings.

Channelled by : Luminance River
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