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Beloved Friends,
Greetings in the love and light of Great Spirit!
As Mother’s day is getting nearer, I was compelled to write this article.
I trust in this Truth, that ‘every man, woman, and child is the Mother of all Creation’.
I discovered this truth as I entered into the journey of ascension.
 When I was a child, my playmates were not only other children in the neighborhood but also the rocks, plants, animals and the very ground I walked on.  And I loved to carry on a one sided dialogue with everything I came across, for I knew in my heart that everything had life and spirit.  It felt good to imagine them talking back to me and imagining their emotions also!
Somewhere in the journey of growing up and absorbing the teachings from outside, and experiencing negativity, pushed this imaginative play out of my space and the moment it left, which I now understand was the beginning of fear.  I lived in fear and uncertainty. 
Then came the time when I married and had my own children, my fear for my loved ones became so intense that every time the children were sick or if my husband was late coming home, my fear-induced mind imagined the worst possible outcomes.  I was totally making myself a nervous wreck and at one point when I could take this no more was when I realized that I had to let go my attachment and surrender to God to make myself free from this bondage of fear!
That day I understood two powerful things; I came into the knowing that in this world I am just a guardian for my children and their original parent is God, I realized that even though their body came from my womb, their Spirit came from God.  I also came to know that God has through Grace given me this position of being a Mother for not only extending it to my children but to all creation!!!
The moment I realized these things, the things of my childhood came back to me in a powerful way, my heart started awakening and exploding with the feeling of compassionate love, not the love from fear, but love full of the knowing of well being for all creation.  I powerfully felt that I was the mother for every plant, animal, rock, mineral and human!!!  Every moment of every day automatically my heart started blessing everything my hands and feet touched, everything my eyes made contact with!!!  The experienced was so amazing! 
Spirit made me come into the understanding that every Man, Woman and Child are given the gift of this Mother Consciousness!  As I practiced this my family also practiced and we understood that we are now in a place not as a physical man, woman or child, but as the powerful love beings that have come to love the earth!!!  And when we practice this state of being, we come into the total freedom from Fear!  Because this State of Being makes us to let go our attachments, help us to fully surrender to the Goodness of God, to trust in the birthright of well being for all, and makes us visionaries of the Highest and Grandest visions for ourselves and for the planet!  This feeling simply makes one feel so happy and good all over that love naturally and effortlessly flows, and when we direct this love to the objects or individuals a doorway opens to the infinite power of Spirit.  And we find miracles and magic happening, which make the laws of physics seem unnatural.  The State of Mother consciousness literally makes you the Magic makers!!!
As time went on in the process of practicing this truth, Spirit made me understand this in a very powerful way; this was actually a change in perspective because due to the expansion of consciousness, my brain was connecting more to the heart than to the mind, and I realized that the Mother consciousness is not about the human view of ‘Mother-Child’, but the Consciousness of ‘All is One’, which means that everything is an extension of one’s own self.  I came into the total feeling that there is actually no separateness, every plant, animal, rock, mineral, and human are actually me myself!!!  And the more I loved myself and started living in gratitude every moment the meaning of this Truth became more profound in my life!
The truth made me understand that I need not be the ‘doer from the mind” any more, because the moment we start to do we go into tension and loose our joy which is our birthright as children of God, we just need to let go the attachment to doing, get out of our minds, so to speak, and shift to the place of “being in the State of this Mother consciousness” that is total trust that All is well, and we can see that matter or things arrange themselves wonderfully and fall into place exactly the way we want.  If we walk through life with gratitude and the knowledge that ‘all is well, all the time’ we raise our energy, align and harmonize ourselves with Divinity in the most wonderful and grandest way possible!
This state of Oneness or Motherhood towards all of creation makes goodness and harmony to flow spontaneously and effortlessly because we are allowing Divine love and life to flow through our very being and thus to the All!
Many Blessings and Much love Dear Ones,


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