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For those of you that are still living in Fear, I suggest not reading this. I have been working very hard and was able to go through the many activations that are necessary to be able to see through dimensions and into other universes and beyond.  Much of what is expressed here and more I have seen for myself. The greater picture, since one of my questions was always,why is everyone so worried about this little planet in the whole wide universe, especially since there are many out there way more advanced then we are as humans. And they are specifically talking about the human race. The physical part of us that needs to evolve just as much as our spiritual part.
This is a wake up call from the Great White Brotherhood of Light and they ask you to read this with an open mind. It is up to you to reach the consciousness level necessary to be able to see all this and more for yourself.
As they say, this is part of our evolutionary process and we need to wake up to be part of this evolutionary process.
The Great White Brotherhood of Light

We are the overseers of your universe and many other universes, galaxies, planets, dimensions and timelines.
In working together with many groups we have avoided and settled many disagreements.
It is never one group that decides the fate of others, wether it be a race, a planet, a galaxy or more. Much is involved in the process of evolution and ascension of many races, planets, universes and galaxies.

We call it evolution.

Now your planet earth is part of this process of evolution and at this time plays a very important part in this process. Many of you do not know the history of your planet since most of it is hidden or has been destroyed.

The earth is over 5 million years old and has gone through many stages of evolution. This includes humankind. Humans have been on earth for as long as 5 million years as well and have gone through many evolutionary stages.

Many of it has been different then for other races, simply because every race has their own way of being, way of working, way of living.
Many of them are more advanced than you as humans in many ways. In other ways humans are more advanced.
The spiritual path you are following is part of the evolution of humankind.

Most races will obey the law of One, the law of the universe.

Some races or groups will follow their own laws/religions, based on these laws.

Many of those so called religions have been introduced on your planet and have been understood by some and misunderstood by many. Most of this due to interference from groups that have other plans for the earth and the humans upon it.

There is a Divine Order, but it is influenced by all beings that live in it.
If everyone follows the rules everything would be in perfect divine order.
This is not real life, not on earth and not where we are.
Many groups means many opinions and many groups not agreeing at times.

The path of evolution is followed by all in their own way and with their own intent at times.

At this time we would like to focus on your planet earth.
There is a long history on earth, some of it known by you, some of it not.
The fall from Atlantis is one example that most of you know about.
Atlantis disappeared because of misuse of the crystals and the power that came with these crystals. An intervention was set up and the crystals were removed.
Now this had happened before millions of years ago. At that time, the earth exploded from the inside out. For those of you who think testing into the core of the earth will open up a portal, I would like you to think again. The chances of blowing up the earth are far greater than you realize.
Now not only the earth exploded, but souls were blown from the planet and fragmented as well.
And the etheric counterpart of your earth was fragmented during this explosion because the earth and her etheric counterpart were merged at that time.

After this we held council and several groups were voting to restore earth back to health and assist the souls that were fragmented to completely return to earth.
There were other groups that voted for complete disintegration of the earth and humankind returning it to Source.

As you know now, the vote for restoration was stronger so here we are.

At this point, millions of years later, we have gotten to the point where the physical and etheric earth have been restored to its original, the way it was before the explosion. This means in those years no evolution took place for the earth.
Now what was decided was to create a double for earth and use this double to continue the evolution of the earth and many of you have been incarnating on this double. It was placed into another dimension but is connected through energy pathways to your physical and etheric earth.

Around 22,000 years ago, the earth was getting at the point where we would be able to have the earth ascend and merge with her future double. The portal through which earth was going to ascend was secured by several groups and we were all set. Until some of these groups changed their minds and the portal was taken over by the groups that are in control of part of your earth at this point.

Now we have reached another opportunity and humankind has grown even more toward a consciousness that is able to secure this portal at this time. There is still some work that needs to be finished and activations that need to take place, but it can be done.

This is why we have so many masters on and around your earth. And yes of course the other groups are still there interfering with our assistance because at the end it is up to you as humankind to complete this task of securing the portal. And help the earth and yourself ascend.

The portal was closed of from all other sides so no one else would be able to access the portal and the groups controlling the portal have no way out at this time. Except for earth.
They are not able to survive on earth for a long time, so are stuck there.  But still holding on to this opportunity of being able to control earth and the human upon it.
And they do have telepathic contact with their outside members.        

So let us sum it up for you.

Your earth is at the gateway of ascension and so are you.
Yes there are alien groups on earth controlling your government and more.

Yes it is up to you as humans living on earth to wake up enough to assist the earth and yourself in the ascension evolution.

This is the last time we will have this opportunity. If not enough humans wake up and evolve into ascended  beings we will not see the earth ascend.
If this happens, the earth will still be there, the beings controlling the government will still be there. And yes they will gain more control over the earth and you as humans.
Another thing is that we cannot keep the earth in this dimension for another 22,000 years. The earth will disintegrate before that time and humankind will be lost.

Now this does not mean all souls will be lost, there will be souls still ascending and moving on to the future earth. But many will not be able to. These souls will be returned to the universal energy.

If you are able to ascend the earth, all souls will move with earth and get a chance to ascend on the new earth without control and interference of the alien groups.

Now we have given you an explanation or the basic outlines of what is happening.

Many of you will receive activations that will allow you to see much of this for yourself, this is why we only give the basics.
It requires work from you as humans to complete your evolutionary path of ascension.
Many groups are here to assist you in your awakening as this is part of your evolutionary plan of ascension. Conscious awakening is necessary for you to complete your evolutionary ascension.

The Great White Brotherhood of Light

Through Petra Margolis


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