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Children of the Holy Grail.

This is what you have been called as a group many times.

As a group you hold all the energies.
In you DNA you hold all the possibilities.
You carry within you the Seal of Isis, you Mother, Father, Goddess.

You are here to fight for the earth, as you have done many times before.
You fight with the sword in one hand and you heart in the other.

You fight with the Law of One by your side, and around you.
The Law of One is inside you.
Nothing will stand in you way as you match forward this time to reveal the truth amongst all.

The Seal of Isis is known by few and has been lost by many.

It is hidden beneath the chambers where you will find that what has been lost to many.

You fight not for you.
You fight for this world.
You do not just fight for the earth.
You fight for the Law of One.

Many will remember once the Seal of Isis is revealed inside of them.

There is much to fight for .
All that is hidden deep inside.

Isis has returned to her family.
And all will know.


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