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The Love is everywhere!
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There is no need to force Love. When you force Love is becomes a destructive force. If they aren't receptive they probably won't be in there current flesh; however, that may very well change in a month or two. Be subtle unless you are asked to spread the Love. Being subtle with Love is like being subtle with a fire poker. You caress them with the poker never actually touching the skin. The heat is amazing melting all of your tension. Although if you try to go to fast you run the risk of burning them and they will not come back. I liked giving too much Love as burning someone at the stake. I'm sure some of you remember how that feels. The Love has been called Kundalini. I have trouble separating the idea of Kundalini from my egos idea of power. When I call it The Love it helps. What is Love you ask? It's a feeling. It's a verb. It makes my body writhes and twist, and that's not even close, to being the jist of things... Why use others' words as wings? While the spirit deep inside you sings and dreams, Your soul is awake as a light beam, Though asleep it may seem, Cobwebs obscure the view, but I can still see the beauty in you, I see it in every action you do, ...It's true, It's a different kind of blue, I feel it pulsing through to you.
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I already am.

Around november of 2009 I had a psychotic break. It lead me to realize the illusion of life. It took me awhile to embrace love, but once I did I found there is no other way.

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hallo brother :)

Hello friend! We are of the same age! haha, My name is Megan. Nice to meet you.

hey, music and voice are great keep going with that wonderful gift , best wishes Ali x

Hi, Welcome to this community and I hope you'll meet many beautiful souls.
Enjoy your stay and have fun.
Love and Light,

Hello dear friend,
Wishing you a very warm welcome at Lightworkers.
Have a wonderful time over here and thanks for being part of it.

Comment by daisyrocket
Thank you. Much Love to all of you.