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"Live & let Live." "Easy does it." "One step at a time." "You are not alone!"
Male - 41
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I am named Daniel Eli and I was awakened after 28 years of being a "fallen" human but ascended in 1999 as an actual incarnated angel with visible wings and "miraculous" powers of healing and ability to radically alter local and national weather patterns, up to and including guiding hurricanes. Since May 2011 I officially ascended as an Ancient of Days in the flesh and now have profound calling to organize lightworkers and earth healers at calling website where we synchronize prayers on an hourly basis right up until the ascension of 12-21-2012!Here is my 15 minute video of me describing my true "vision" of the future, which I had 12 years ago by being PHYSICALLY TRANSPORTED in the future to witness, first-hand, the ascension of the earth, which was what the Mayan calendar people have been trying to "figure out":
Spiritual Path

Incarnated angel since 1999, then incarnated & ascended Ancient of Days since May 2011.

I am hoping for NOTHING LESS than a full ascension of planet earth on 12-21-2012. The countdown has begun! Join with me now as we climb the clouds to the Great Above & Beyond!

Roughly age 20 with near death experience. True and solid awakening October 1999.

Psychic medium readings, touch healing, prayer, "I AM" decrees. Mediation for earth ascension by 12-21-2012!
Recommended Reading

http://finalbookofdaniel.com My spiritual autobiography, 10 years old!
Star Sign:Taurus
Occupation:Unemployed bum like Jesus was for 3 years.

Feel free to leave message and tell me if you will visit my ambitious calling for 2012 prayerful ascension of planet earth for 12-21-2012!

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