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Humankind stops fighting wars when people stop wanting them.
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I will update this profile every once in awhile. This is where I leave information for you all. My blog is for retrospect, but I am having some difficulty in restraining myself from giving too much out. I am very happy for humanity right now, and very excited with where life on this planet id headed. There are some road blocks you must over come first, however. This is where I and others like me come into play. My three counter parts and I are here firstly to acquire information. Secondly, we are here to help guide you. I can explain more as needed, but for now, I will leave it to the blog to give you needed information.
Spiritual Path


I have come to this life, in mortal form, to play out a role. Soon, Earth will cross a threshold, and it is my obligation to acquire the needed information for my counter parts to begin actions that have been planned for millions of years.

I have been aware since birth.

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I love Richard Bach's novel 'One'. It has great meaning to me, and I hope for all who read it.
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Be LOVE ~ :D

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