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Then you'll all realize that; STAR CHILDREN ARE ON EARTH FOR THE BIG SHOW. Do they 3. Honor this space as your sacred sanctuary. Of course yes. The mind is so complex - would love to get inside of yours
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When I realized that : you are the change.

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thanks !! the same to you :)

Hello Dear Friend

Am Miss joy,and i view your profile today at www.lightworkers.org and i was interesting in
getting to know you more for us to build a relationship from,And i will
like you to write me back through my email address for more about me and
my picture as well,(joy4ulove37@yahoo.com)and know that distant or
language those not matter,but true love those,Await your lovely respond
Best Regards
Miss joy

ehh ? what do you think ??

Welcome Brother,

Good to see you here at last - you must drop by sometime, so we can chat.

Much love to you
Ishtar )O(

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