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EVETCG Eastern Virginia Extra Terrestrial Contact Group We exist, to promote peace between all mankind, so we may function as one people of the planet Earth. We will make contact with Extra Terrestrial races for the purpose of friendship, fellowship, seeking truth, wisdom, knowledge and advice, as we prepare for enlightenment and ascension to a new dimension of existence, and become part of a galactic community. We will shed light and truth on all cover-ups, black ops, hidden agendas, or misleading treaties by any member of the human race, or any extra terrestrial race. We exist, to provide guidance to all who seek a life of peace, love and joy in the light, to ascend into enlightenment, and emerge into a new cycle of existence. Saturday March 20, 2010 1pm to 3pm at The Mystic Moon 3365 N Military Hwy Norfolk, VA (757) 855-3280 Free workshop and open forum to learn about and discuss: The existence of UFO’s and Extra Terrestrials, why the government is hiding the truth about it, The Disclosure project, Orion project, Project Camelot, CSETI, ECETI, EVETCG, Light workers, 2012, nwo, Enlightenment, Ascension, Channeling, Remote Viewing, and more… This is an introduction to the subjects, and how they tie together. Further activity can be planned such as a Remote Viewing and contact event as interest exists. To sign up for the group and find out more go to YAHOO Groups and search for EVETCG. Or go to