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Hello everyone,

This is an urgent message!!! Please take the time to read all of it. I’m writing you because there aren’t many places I can post this message and I need to tell someone before it’s too late. I am being tormented by demonic beings who claim to be the same as the GALACTIC FEDERATION, COUNCIL OF LIGHT, ASHTAR COMMAND, COMMANDER HATONN, AND THE ASCENDED MASTERS. They possess my body like a classic demonic possession. They have been tormenting me with lies now for several years. They spell in a very crude manner by moving my feet or toes. The spelling isn’t very good....can take hours to decipher. They claim that they have “gift for you.” Want to awaken kundalini. I have a constant buzzing sound in my head like I am part of an alien hive. I know that they use implants which they can implant through invisible means. I have found two of them just under my skin on my elbow. I have come to believe that these beings are infernal creatures that plague all humans. Most are unaware of it. We are merely host to alien beings who use us for their own agendas. Some of us more than others. I believe they are trying to set me up as a full time host or something. They are changing my body and consciousness in some way. It is the most frightening experience imaginable and I live with this daily. Please read the following....“Our bodies are also the result of sound resonating energy into form and if our minds are powerful enough to change the sound range of the body, it moves into another form or disappears from this dimension, altogether. This is what is called shape-shifting.” This came from the following web page I believe they are trying to steal me over to another dimension or shape-shift me into something else. I don’t know, but dread the thought of waking up somewhere one day surrounded by these monsters. These beings are master geneticist who are breeding human hybrids and hubrids which they are slowly integrating into our society. It is the highest form of subterfuge. The alien phenomenon is real. These beings have been the Gods of the bible (ELOHIM, JEHOVAH, JESUS) and all other religious deities. IT HAS ALL BEEN A RUSE!!! There is no God. There are only these beings who have given primitive humans an illusion of God. They also spurn cult religions, Satanic churches, wiccan covens, secret societies, secret cabals, you name it. They do this through mind control. They use subtle persuasion on weak minds or people that they have been manipulating for a lifetime. They are also supported by beings who are in physical form. You wouldn’t know they weren’t human if you passed them on the street. They form the secret government’s of the world. Controlled by the illuminati whom are nothing more than puppets for the alien rulers of this planet. Satanist who owe their allegiance to the greatest trickster of them all…LUCIFER. Who is actually responsible for ALL OF THE ABOVE.

These beings work with the most sophisticated technologies. It is beyond human comprehension. They operate with hyper nano tech, particle physics, electromagnetic energy, sound, light, worm whole technology, hyper drive vehicles, controlling weather, and so many other advanced methods that it would boggle the mind. They control this planet. They control our security agencies. They perform mass mind control through the media (sublimely). MONTAUK, MK ULTRA, BLACK BUDGET, PSY OPPS, MJ 12, you name it. They’ve had a hand in it. Now they want to present themselves as Ashtar of the Galactic Federation, Pleiadians, Sirians, the Arcturians, Andromedans, Christed beings, Michael the Archangel, Commander Hatonn, Christed beings, and Metetron, said to be the highest Archangel, and a host of other characters. Not to mention the beings behind all of the contact scenarios in the 50’s. Don’t you get it folks. We are all being played by alien imposters who are posing as our gods (or space brothers). This is right out of Stargate SG-1. These beings are actually demonic in nature. They hail from various densities (galaxies) and dimensions and they live right hear on earth. Seven years ago I would have never believed any of this, but I know it to be true. Many people who channel messages from these beings are finding that their messages are faulty or just plain lies. They are beginning to question the source of these messages. I’m telling you it is none other than Lucifer. The Devil is real. He is an alien who comes in the form of man (or woman) when he chooses. More than that, it’s a system of aliens who, believe it or not, have been cloning themselves in human form since the beginning of human history and playing us like fools. This is the crux of the entire UFO phenomenon and what our government doesn’t want us to know. The Greys are merely roboids that these infernal beings use as a vehicle to get around in 3-D. The Men in Black phenomenon is also associated with these characters. However, they’ve traded in their black suites for ordinary street clothes and business attire. Still working in consort with their Grey and demonic counterparts. They also fly around in helicopters and airplanes. They are constantly circling my home in either of these aircraft dropping demons inside to possess me. I know it sounds crazy but it is true.

The truth is, they are us and we are them. Most all human souls hail from some star system or dimension controlled by these beings. They are merely beings who have control over very powerful technology. Perhaps reptilian or insectoid. Their souls are plasma just like ours. They have merely blended with machines and have become like cold blooded robots. They continually recycle our souls and maintain complete mastery over our lives from cradle to grave and back to cradle. They use artificial intelligence and modified human consciousness (Grey/reptilian) to do most of the dirty work when they possess a human being. They monitor all of the horrible things these monsters do to you. They lie, they deceive, make false promises, lead you down false paths. They will even remove items from your home or your person and admit it and will not give those things back to you. I believe our world is under great threat from these beings as David Jacobs points out in his book “THE THREAT.” Particularly hear in the United States. We should demand that our government stop dicking us around and tell us the truth. You may find that many of these people, meaning the civil servants and people in appointed positions, are not what they appear to be. The television series “DARK SKIES” dealt with this topic. We should also demand that they tell the truth about the alien controlled bases all over the United States like Area 51, Mt. Shasta, Dulce, and others. Please note that I am of sound mind and intelligence. I’m writing this because I don’t think I have much more time. They are flooding my head with all of this energy and I am all but deaf in my right ear. I was recently told that they will turn me into flames. I don’t know if this is in reference to spontaneous combustion or what. But this is the kind of hellish intelligence that I am dealing with. I fear that if I don’t get this message out, I may not have an opportunity to later. Those of you who channel these beings, please ask them why they are tormenting me and post your comments here. Others, please pass this message along.